I’m supposed to walk more
sit less
prepare the house
eat fresh
continue to chase the kids
enjoy the mess
I mean, yet
I’ve lost myself
within this 24/7
But I love them, so…


10 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Enjoy them while you have them under your roof — knowing that, if you do your job ‘right,’ you’ll work yourself right out of a job one day! I haven’t seen Domer since Christmas. Sigh.


    • The depth you offer here I sense comes from learning much along the way. To finally know who we are inevitably means we lose who we thought we were.
      Am I comfortable with her? Or am I running..
      Thank you for this thought flow. Much to ponder.

      A real delight to see you again. I read your poems a few nights ago. You always make me think, K.B.


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