I Will Remain

I refuse to be
To be the girl who doesn’t
Who dosen’t show you
Show you what and who I am

Who I am, I adore
I adore what makes me, me
Me, me the woman who tries
Who tries to be everything

Be every thing, to everyone
To every one, sadly, I cannot
I cannot be all of perfection
Of perfection, unobtainable, so notice me

Notice me inspite of what I’m not
I’m not the lady I once thought
Once thought who’d always create
Always create the poetry I desire

I desire sharing my soul
My soul aches towards connection
Towards connection I find completeness
Find completeness within myself

Within myself there is growth
Is growth enough for me
For me, it must be
Must be the sun found rising

Found rising outside my window
My window, compass in the kitchen
The kitchen where I sense you
Sense you up against me

Against me and deeply breathing
Deeply breathing in my essence
My essense, an offer only for you
For you, I will remain.


8 thoughts on “I Will Remain

  1. “For you I will remain,” and yet you’ve disappeared again, Audrey. I hope all is well with you and yours and that you’re looking forward to this season of hope and future dreams. Please come back just to say hello.


  2. Wow, the style and feel of the words you write, Audrey ~ carefully created and full of emotion. It is so perfect to read you on a nice, silent, Sunday morning ~ For me, it must be… Must be the sun found rising… Found rising outside my window ~ simply perfect. Cheers to a great Sunday for you as well.


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