I recognize how important a view like this could be for those seeking.

Deep breath, reminding me of how little we really are comparably.

How creation is here for a purpose and is depended upon.

And instead of sitting in awe, over its splendor,

I morn.

I caught a glimpse of what my soul really needed, felt my head finally clear, rooted in my deepest beliefs and wanted to stay.

Why would God show me and then pull it away.


Too much still depends on me. I can’t give up.

Breathe the azure
Smell the verdant
Touch the pristine

Let go of this grief.

What I Would Have Shown You


10 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. I hear you, Audrey – “Let go of this grief.” Wondering if you hear yourself. I know it’s hard – I’ve been where you are. But I also know it’s possible. Sometimes the best thing to do is something else. Find a cause that demands your time and devote yourself to it. Not a thinking-about-everything cause, but an active task that will take your time to accomplish. The only way to get out of the doldrums is to sail in a different direction. My heart is with you and my prayers for your heallng as well.


    • It is incredibly helpful for me to read these poems now that time has passed. I see where I was so much clearer and sit in awe at how important the words are and how silly or insignificant they felt then. With two very involved teens at home I am over worked, over scheduled, and tired but soaking in moments the year will take from me in a blink. The doldrums don’t consume but they can leak in which I find is in its healthy realm of existence for many of us. What I want may not be a possibility and I have to be okay with it. I wouldn’t want someone who didn’t want me as I am. I also don’t want to rush what life may have in store for me. It’s time to be okay with today.
      Thank you, my friend.
      Wrapping things up with the series soon. Thanks for reading.


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