And then there was light.

Those are someone else’s words,
but I felt them run through me,
a cleansing.
I watched in awe, as power
consumed nature.

In my time – is all I heard.

Then the storm moved in and surrounded me,
created a blindness towards
my search for understanding,
quite literally!

Washed in clouds,
cold air across my face,
red curls blowing everywhere,
and a giggle began from deep inside of me. Clouds!

Let him decide.

Change was here.

What I Would Have Shown You


15 thoughts on “Found

  1. “Change was here.”

    Yesterday I entered a poem into a local poetry competition based … “Change”! One of the rules is that entries must not have been published before, but if you are interested I could e-mail you a copy.

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  2. Storms can be terrifying but storms pass. Change was here – change IS here. After the storm, the calm. God is not in the storm but in the still small voice. You must learn to listen when all is quiet and it’s hard to hear. God is not violence (this is nature) but possibility (this is divine.)

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