Left Simply – With Beauty

He’s my muse,
Maybe he’s forgotten,
Unable to feel
My arms,
How I’ve wrapped them
So many times,
Squeezing tighter,
Within my mind.
He’s the attraction
I adore,
The lust upon my tongue,
Yet I cannot reach him.

Aching with want
Living amongst the borderline,
Of am I enough.
I yearn for his trust,
As he longs for my mind,
If I give it away –
Then what?
He’s mine – my wish,
Like a daisy chain around
My neck; a gift.
I’d wear him with pride,
If he’d ask.


25 thoughts on “Left Simply – With Beauty

  1. Now this is how spring is suppose to feel ~ powerful, intense, lusting for life and love. A touch of sadness, but I think this is what makes this poem so powerful. Wishing you the brightest of spring times, Aud, even with your heartstrings being pulled in all directions. Take care ~

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    • Are Oregon Cowboys for real? *smiles* You ALWAYS make me feel heard and your encouragement fills me up in all the best ways. Thank you, My Philosopher Photographer Extraordinaire. There may be hope for me yet.
      May the wind guide and protect you wherever you are, my friend. Summer is here finally!


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