All The Feels Today

Loving this song’s message on EVERY level this morning.

Oh how I miss this space. ‚ô°

“Mommying” in every direction as of late. Working on being intentional.

Still have this fantasy of a white or dark knight who musters up and says, “I’m picking up this side of the box. Let’s roll.”

I see so much potential in the best of places, yet I’m drawn to Him. I pray its known.

Until then I do what needs done. Normal. Everyday. Girl.


Left Simply – With Beauty

He’s my muse,
Maybe he’s forgotten,
Unable to feel
My arms,
How I’ve wrapped them
So many times,
Squeezing tighter,
Within my mind.
He’s the attraction
I adore,
The lust upon my tongue,
Yet I cannot reach him.

Aching with want
Living amongst the borderline,
Of am I enough.
I yearn for his trust,
As he longs for my mind,
If I give it away –
Then what?
He’s mine – my wish,
Like a daisy chain around
My neck; a gift.
I’d wear him with pride,
If he’d ask.

A You

If I closed my eyes and saw simple perfection,
there would be a you.

Words sought by princess’, over hills around mountains, were written
and shared by you.

Dreams play out in forms of melodies I’ve never heard,
but belong to you.

Pools of tears welling up
and lying fearless in my eyelids
await you.

Happily ever after didn’t exist
in plain surroundings,
until the belief of you. 

Now I seek every moment,
listening humbly,
for a you.



tranquility nearly impossible
fearful wonders seeking respite
mountain quarry pieced
fitting perfectly, breathes
fluttering ethereal
flights of the past
blue sky reminders
micro version moments
wishing on a bird’s-eye view
forget windless
courage wears fate
design indigo
flint aerial

I’m home, unpacked and packing again for another adventure. I’ve visited numerous states (including Kentucky and North Carolina which were not part of my summer plans), but it feels good to be in Texas again. At least a little. I’ll be leaving in the morning for central Texas, Hill Country and the Frio River.

I need time to clear my head and find my voice again and the trip here always seems to help. The internet connections are limited, so you won’t see me posting or commenting.

See you in a week. Hope y’all are enjoying your summer. Go find love and give her a sweet pat on the ass for me. I love you.


A Look Inside


Securely sheathed within herself
She submits to you, a look inside
Her tender, emotional health
You see the colors of her mind

Travel slowly and enjoy the view
Accept her offer, slip even closer
Fragrant scent and tangerine hues
Whispered from our divine composer

Amongst moulding of verdant leaves
A bashful creation, you’ve witnessed
Folded, is best, she may believe
Yet, she unburdened, is your intention

Stay With Me


Concrete Jungle,
Stifles me,
Leaves an empty feeling,
Radiating within.
Left now,
Wanting nothing else,
Than to be ignored,
However, I chose this,
Life must be explored.
Tired of being strong,
I love you,
Yes, You,
Always, You,
My mind begins to soothe.
Visions of caring hands,
Traveling inside my mind,
Between fantasy and reality,
Pressures of creativity,
An endless extreme.
Emotions full of need,
Yet, honestly, I just,
Can’t breathe,
I want you with me,
You’re my family.

Your Gift


The inevitability of a goodbye, frozen,
As time allows a winter glimpse.
Your daily vision offered,
A season of gifts.
Leaving me blessed,
Less tortured, I guess.
Knowing you considered me,
Even for a minute,
Yet, like the fallen snow,
Upon your branches,
I cling to who you are,
Protective and strong,
As if love could grow.
My one and only,
May you never forget me,
if the wind sends you on.
Look towards your view,
And always, always,
Think of us,
For it is I, who needs you.

Your Turtles


“Well, I think you’re brave, Dear.”

“We’ve been through this before, Audrey, I’m always brave.”

“Then why are you denying me eye contact? It seems to me that you’re nervous.”

“I’m not nervous!”

“You look nervous, as you fling that mud through the air, you know.”

“Yes, well, that could be because you keep bringing up tomorrow, Ma’am,” he replies, while standing up.

“Calling me names won’t help you sort your mind. What are you doing digging in the mud, anyway? ”

“Would you like a pie in the face,” he threatens, as mud goes flying through the air. Landing near her feet.

“I think you’re worried about a pie in your face, quite frankly,” she yelps, while she dances over two and three steps.

“I am not! What I’m doing is fishing, you see…”

“Yes, you are, Mister. Fishing? Umm, that’s mud. Just mud. Only mud.”

“Fix it!”

“I can’t fix it. This moment was meant to be, I believe.”

“What if I mess up horridly?”

“What if you do? It won’t change a thing. I’ll still be here, Darling.”


“Well, because I want to be, and you were here supporting me when no one else was, probably, so that makes us…us. You haven’t missed a single moment of mine. How many horrid moments did you encourage me through, Sir?”

“I can’t think of one, actually. No such moments for you.”

“There’s been plenty, ya Goof. Move over, please. What kind of fish are we looking for in here?” She questions, as her hands begin digging.




“…if you’re looking for turtles, then I’m looking for turtles.”

“There won’t be any turtles, I fear.”

“There will always be turtles…”