There will come a day,
When I can look upon,
Their relationship,
And say, in my experience.
Until then, I will continue,
To watch in awe,
As they deem one another,
Poetically united: a lifeline.


43 thoughts on “Lifeline

  1. I love that photo, Audrey, and your words are gorgeous, too. Even though it’s been almost 30 years where I can say, “in my experience”, life is ever changing so we’re both still in awe, learning, loving, and exploring. Sending hugs, my friend…


  2. Aw, wouldn’t it be grand if for every vine that needs something to cling to, there was a tree that didn’t mind lending its trunk?? So lovely, Poetess!


  3. Meh…. Now I would have worked my way around the side with a grubbing hoe, severing vine as I went. Better than having it kill the tree.

    Speaking of “fuming”, the look on your face at the moment is priceless.


  4. To me there is great wisdom in this piece, often I am conflicted by the good purpose of some, and then of the malevolence of others. Is it that we choose the world we want, and disregard that which we do not want. The conflict for me is that they both exist and I am unable to understand this symbiosis. Peace and love to you and yours.


    • And the waiting and honoring the process of life is incredibly difficult some days. There is a learning curve I wonder about…if we have the strength to endure. Trying to appreciate life for what it is and allow the journey we’re on to evolve naturally.

      Thank you for this fantastic comment. I really enjoyed thinking on it today. Your wisdom is inspiring.

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    • i deliberately worded my comment so as not to say “you are wise” which would mean that I am wise to know your wisdom. However, by your generous reply you have enabled me to feel that we are perhaps both small parts of what wisdom is. This invisible connection that we endure with the unknowns of our lives. Your candour gives me strength. Thankyou.


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