I can remember when becoming a mom consumed my every thought.
How to convience, plan and encourge a journey leading life in that direction.

Those first few months, I recognized within me a confidence, it was solid, made for it, indeed. Doubt didn’t stand a chance.
I never, not once, saw myself going it alone.

Being mom always included a dad.

Here I am, a mom. Content with how we’ve done. The children are a constant beside me. Never questioning the road. Still not comfortable parenting solo.

I always thought families deserved both.

Even if mom looks like this…

I think you’ll agree there’s an astonishing similarity.

Circa 2012


41 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Iโ€™ve had the same struggles! I am a single mom of 5 and always thought I would have a partner by my side but I donโ€™t and I canโ€™t even explain the strength I have from becoming a single mom! You got this! You are enough for your babies!!! Dude note…that drawing is amazing! ๐Ÿ˜


  2. Audrey, I admire your strength as a single mom to young children. (Had three years of that with preteens and it was hard…) Your kids are lucky to have such a loving mom! (Sweet drawing too. โค๏ธ )


  3. No, that doesn’t look a thing like you, Miss A., but I can tell it was drawn with LOVE, and that’s the important thing. Kids tend to be resilient. I never meant for Domer to grow up without a dad in his life, either, but when we entrust them to God’s providence, they turn out better than just okay. What’s crucial is that they’re growing up with love and attention, expectations and respect, roots and wings. Hang in there, my friend!


  4. What a cute drawing, Audrey, and a special keepsake from your precious child. Even though things are tough going solo, I know you’re strong. Just wear that amazing strength on your sleeve, for now, and everything will be okay…๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒป


  5. I think there is much love in that drawing. Motherhood is a gift. One of my favorite Bible verses is from Isaiah 40:11 “…he gently leads those with young.’ I don’t have children but I work with them every day and this verse has calmed me and strengthened me at times when I felt overwhelmed it alone. Maybe it will encourage you.


    • There was most definitely a little boy at the time, who continues to make me a proud mother today, who showed me how proud I could make him. Humbling. I’m thankful he shares his love for me in sweet ways like this one. Working with children everyday, which I also do, can be tough but the most rewarding. The verse is a nice reminder. Thank you


  6. You’ve got a talented little artist there, Audrey, take it from an art teacher.

    Lots to think about in your article. I also expected our family to be the standard nuclear foursome, and we are – but not without a lot of struggle and compromise for a lot of years.

    You are a great success as a mom – I can see how hard your child worked to draw the person he – she loves so dearly. It’s a tough situation but you are strong and loving. That’s most important and better than two parents under one roof who hate each other and fight all the time. I don’t know if that was happening in your home before the divorce, but I see so many children living in toxic situations. Good for you that your kids have a safe and loving home. Please take care.


    • I have two great artists in their own way. They get that from having an artist for a father. I quietly hope some of my creativity helped.

      The struggle, which lasted nearly 10 years, was one I hoped we could see through to brighter days. I did my best. At some point we have to allow for a new beginning for all.

      My son did a great job about 5 years ago on this picture. I found it and had to smile. Thankful our household didn’t have the arguing and utter hatred most do at the end of a marriage. Ours was mostly silence, sadness, and grief. We’re all gonna be okay. And I see healthy children before me today. I’m blessed for that gift. Thank you, Shari.


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