simple one
rejecting labels
hidden among prettier
not to be found

Shadorma 3/5/3/3/7/5


30 thoughts on “Natural 

  1. Audrey, I feel like I’m playing Where’s Waldo this morning! I’m staring at this lovely photo — after admiring your pretty Shadorma! — and wondering what I’m supposed to be looking for. Something hidden in this crowd of posies, or am I being too literal again??!


  2. I found her
    There in shy repose
    Yet naïve
    Unaware of her allure
    Veiled in beautiful

    My very first shadorma. Actually… I’m so poetically ignorant I was unaware of shadormas. You know me… I write and create form and meter to fit my own misguided mind.

    Loved the pic… beautiful poetry… even if I didn’t know it was a shadorma.


    • Hey, guess what? Most of the time, I write for and meter to fit my own misguided mind, as well. We make quite a pair.

      However, I must say I do love the concentration and narrow choices when it comes to poetic form, so I lean into it a lot. It actually helps me clear my head of all the unwanted noise and usually negative self talk.

      I’m glad you liked this, Michael, and with your gorgeous poetic response I’m blushing a ton. Thank you for seeing me the way you do…you give me much to smile about.


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