Most fragrant as the sun wakes her,
gently the rays stir her soul.
Feeling proof of a strong presence,
dew, his markings, she’s told.
Accepting nourishment to blossom,
she, quite often, in his control.
Arching into each spectacular layer,
while feeling his touch, she’ll glow.



Reaching out onto a trail way,
Quietly, she blooms,
Bashful, as always,
Appearing, however, for you.

Rain settling in again today.

Visioning you here, always,
Wandering about her scent,
She carries your tender touch,
As she delicately sways.

Your offer, lingering upon her branch.

Desiring her simple colored hue,
Nature’s best effort shown,
And your sweet yellow delight,
Will she continue here, proving growth?

Or shy away, afraid of the light.

A Way About Her


She has a way about her,
That’s what they’ve always said.
Blushes from the inside out,
Does it to herself, often, she dreads.
Others noticing, believing she naive,
What they’ve failed to catch,
All along, is her authenticity.
Along with the hints, and whisperings,
Just now being perceived.
Tips full of sunshine,
With a body full of hopes and dreams.