summer view for sale
passing through nowadays
golden hues melting


Maybe That’s All

if anything, I see
beauty returns eventually,
subtle drops of rain
worth clinging to fall down, eventually.
robins bounce about
puddles found,
my eyes search cloud ripples
finding your name,
and summertime is born
maybe that’s all there is to say.

Texas Beauty Queen


Spotlight temptress
Texas beauty queen
She knows what she’s doing
Ripples of pleasure
From top to bottom
Do you think she finds anything better
Look who’s here, Baby
And you, her king
Allowing you to look
One day, to touch
Your vase aching
She, just as much
She’s offered you
A place to rest
Velvet petals
Golden glowing toy
Flower of spring
Waiting for her Cowboy
Her summer fling

(By the pool today and it is HOT!! Maybe this is, too. Enjoy…)