Wide Open

Wide Open

magic seemed to crackle its way
through the clouds for twilight
a sparkler held by the hand we all know.

little orbs of hot air spun bright

spehers of knowledge,
seemed to be blown
just out of reach from where
I stood,
yet life looked alive as
the pastels spread

and something felt just as
it should.

To Know Her, Is To Love Her

the color of her pudgy nose
when it’s cold outside
and she’s in her happy place
called Late Autumn

sides to her sassy mouth
often chewed upon
when she attempts
to slide away, giggling 

deep dimples
worth searching for
after finding two, living
beside her shy smile

corners to two hazel eyes
who’ve witnessed pain,
but questioned perfection
with sparkled contentment 

toes, each foot
she often wished were
painted in a rainbow of
your favorite colors

freckles lay, forever
atop a ring finger
she often wonders
is worthy of adornment

calming breaths needed
on a quiet, dark night
when dreams
come to soothe her

miles from town
she’s driven, even walked
in order to feel
closer to simple 

her favorite number
and the many opportunities
it’ll take to convince her,
an introverted extrovert 

fingers, yes, predictable
but that’s what she adores
craves, the honesty
trust and unity provide