Alone Inside My Head

I drove again
desolate, except for
lost alone inside my head.
wandered in the Sandhills
life: simpler; traditional.
not one wolf
maybe he lived beyond
the first crest of
rolling hills,
as smooth as curvy skin
from here, I think,
alone inside my head.
I like the shape of my breasts
as I look down due to insecurities
more than anything,
the way my favorite, blackest bra
holds them…
what I thought about while driving
alone inside my head.
yesterday, bent over my kitchen sink
crying and
wondering how I make life work,
I saw my long legs tucked into
my soft blue jeans
and thought
I adore my fuzzy slippers with these,
just me alone inside my head.
my reflection in the bathroom today,
concentrating on red curls,
specifically the one who chooses
to hang lower, looser than the rest,
she defies me,
I cheer for her
alone inside my head.


28 thoughts on “Alone Inside My Head

  1. Nice stretch of highway
    To be alone inside your head
    Perhaps a simpler life
    Beyond the hills
    Yet maybe the wolves
    Lie waiting
    Just beyond the first crest
    Or perhaps… the second
    I’ve heard they are drawn
    To black lace
    With a touch of insecurity…
    Or perhaps that’s just
    A lingering thought
    Alone inside my head…
    Fuzzy slippers
    And soft blue jeans
    A wisp of Red…
    Aud-aciously longing to be
    Unlike all the rest
    To wander free of precedent
    For but one brief moment…
    While just the thought
    Of her adventure
    Alone inside my head

    A most beautiful poetic expression of emotion… Thank you for sharing a part of you with us.



    • Okay… so I pushed the send button before I was finished… so here’s the rest… inside your beautiful words, your thoughts, your emotions that you have shared with us through your magnificent poetry. It seems that the light that shines here must be shared between us… and I am so very thankful for the opportunity for you to allow me to respond in any way I choose. Sometimes there are thoughts that should actually stay ‘alone inside my head’… but you know me… I’m a blurter….
      Hope your day is most beautiful… along the highway… in the mirror… or alone inside your head.


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