Alone Inside My Head

I drove again
desolate, except for
lost alone inside my head.
wandered in the Sandhills
life: simpler; traditional.
not one wolf
maybe he lived beyond
the first crest of
rolling hills,
as smooth as curvy skin
from here, I think,
alone inside my head.
I like the shape of my breasts
as I look down due to insecurities
more than anything,
the way my favorite, blackest bra
holds them…
what I thought about while driving
alone inside my head.
yesterday, bent over my kitchen sink
crying and
wondering how I make life work,
I saw my long legs tucked into
my soft blue jeans
and thought
I adore my fuzzy slippers with these,
just me alone inside my head.
my reflection in the bathroom today,
concentrating on red curls,
specifically the one who chooses
to hang lower, looser than the rest,
she defies me,
I cheer for her
alone inside my head.


She’ll wonder how

Many hairs are grey

If your heartbeat

Feels the same.

Consider the new

Wrinkle by her eye,

And which stress

It was cause by.

Crisp morning air 

Will cause her 

Red curls to dance,

Would it affect

You, by chance?

First blush will arise

Around her,

Comforts of home:

Ground, she clings to.

Simple house shoes, worn

Her toes content

Ankles exposed.

Behind fawn wool,

A woman’s desire shown.

Frozen concrete steps

She sits upon gracefully

Allows for silence,

Awakening a quiet

Reflective dawn;

Her serenity.

Each timed breath,

Causes movement

Beneath her 

Heaving breasts,

Proving control:

A lady’s weakness.

Yet you’re aware,

Her day has begun

And still,

She’ll want, require

The comfort

Of you,

Her Eastern Sun.

Gray Clouds of Doubt


I see you there little leaf in the tree,

Are you hanging there to scare me?

I can’t quiet seem to figure you out,

Maybe you’re here to distract or calm my doubts?

Why do you continue to hold on?

Don’t you know all the others have gone?

Do you see a future that others did not see?

Why would you choose to wait with me?

Being left alone does not frighten this lady, only strengthens, I believe.

Go along and find the others, I see them all waiting curiously.

Don’t trouble yourself with lingering here now, honestly