Here, So Far Away

in observing my nighttime
his description flows through my
my eyes.
the love he has for
and all of those surrounding
encourages my
even if I’m not the
does he feel the lifeline
between us,
and the ablity he has to
Twilight, enter me
fill my eyes.
Allow the glow created
to sustain
my affection.


30 thoughts on “Here, So Far Away

  1. THE ONE

    Remember you are
    The one and only
    Utterly unique

    Remember you are
    Yes, the one for whom
    You were created

    Remember yourself
    Especially when
    You are forgotten

  2. Enduring love is not like the first glow. Love that lasts survives slogging through all kinds of problems, especially that we humans are deeply flawed. But we always remember the glow of new love as it’s sumptuous and does indeed sustain us.

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