Shy, her shield,
Sparkling eyes never quite reaching
Those who find her,
Bashful, worn with grace,
Her words now yours
May be timidly drawn,
For those who deserve,
But written upon the skin
With wanton fingertips
For those who capture
Her touch, heart, her mind
And recognize the tingle
She causes
And willingly provides


27 thoughts on “Willingly

  1. I wouldn’t dare comment on this most beautiful masterpiece like I so desperately desire to do.
    So…. I will just say this… Your words are most beautifully… “…worn with grace…”


  2. A lovely thought for she who so longs for love. Well done, Audrey.

    I drew a daffodil almost exactly like this on the paper used for the thank you notes for our wedding gifts. It was a flower from our garden. You’ve taken me back 45 years.


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