sitting in the valley
of what might be
for the first time,


51 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I love the transitory nature of this little gem. Theres so much here, said so succinctly. Each moment in time can be suffocating, as well as terrifically exciting…all at once. Bravo!


  2. The meaning behind these words is quite powerful Audrey, a little bit overwhelmed with all that is out there… There are days where it seems our dreams are right in front of us, almost as if we could reach out and touch them. And then there are days where we’re just lost in the clouds, suffocating with uncertainty. And both of these extremes have something powerful and exciting and make life what it is. So great to read and absorb your words again, wishing you a great week ahead.


    • Mr. Collis, I am so thankful to see you!

      Then a soul comes and soothes our worries and fears, and when that happens life rights itself and we push forward into what will be. Thank you for stopping here, Dalo. I have been worried about your safety for some time now. I know those ‘nether’ ‘hinder’ regions have a way about them and I hoped you were okay.
      You know you’re always welcome here, my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. I pray you’ve been well. My best to you always.


    • I love your way with words Audrey, and I always believe if you wait long enough the world will always right itself as we continue to push forward πŸ™‚ Wishing you the best, and hope you are having a glorious summer πŸ˜‰


  3. Hmm… Here Audrey…
    let me take your hand in mine…
    walk with me a while…
    and let me show you this…

    sitting on the mountain top
    of what may be
    for the first time,


  4. Hmm … suffocating?? Not sure what you mean by this, Poetess. Can I beg for an explanation? It sounds as if you’re excited, but terrified, at something. Am I close??


    • You are so very on the right track. Never doubt your skills, Ma’am. I’m grateful you see more than just words.
      Thank you for asking, Debbie. This poem was written a few days ago while realizing what my heart was trying to tell me without it breaking. I have this ability to want to be happy, but then feel when something is wrong. Sometimes moments just move on, I guess. Sometimes the fear of change/unknown is suffocating when that realization hits us.

      Sometimes it’s also just a fleeting moment in time.

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    • Thanks for indulging me with an explanation — glad I was sort of on the right track. Don’t suffocate, ma’am; rather, bend with the flow, knowing you’re in the safety and security of One who loves you best!


  5. Fear of the unknown makes it terrifying to make progress for some of us. I often feel the same way – I stand still. Later I regret not having made a decision, instead letting the decision get made for me.

    Audrey, you are much younger than I am. I hope you soon realize you have everything in you to make wise choices, even facing things that scare the hell out of you. And to move forward.

    The photo is spectacular.


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