If even for a moment
Could I feel you?
The warmth you provide
other than here.
Remind me…
Why not here?
And in this moment
You heard my sigh,
Becoming aware of
My crush.


28 thoughts on “Aware

  1. I don’t really get crushes but I can relate because I used to and they are quite exhilerating and take you to another place. I had mistakenly thought this was about God to begin with, it could work as that aside the last line. It is about warmth and that can translate to many roads. Lovely work my friend

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    • I witnessed a crush recently with my daughter’s friend. It reminded me of those I’ve had. A crush is sweet, usually harmless to all involved and fades over time. For hopeless romantics like myself, we often use a crush moment to write until one day they turn into something else…and within this place, this is where the inevitable pain awaits us. My experience is quite extensive. Believe me.
      Thank you for noticing the turn this poem takes, yes, it could have been about God. Many of my poems have that road available to the reader. This is about warmth in the end, and how I am craving touch..and the safety and care (my experience, mostly ) within it.
      Thank you for this, Candice. A lovely discussion..


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