My Anniversary 

My blogging Anniversary snuck up on me. As soon as I saw this photo in my notifications box this morning, I realized it was April and I’d forgotten.

Four years?

You’ve held me accountable during the hardest four years of my life. Made me feel like a friend, a daughter, a sister and a lover.

Thank you for accepting me as I am, encouraging me to return to the poetry I love to write, and expecting me to share it because you know how desperately I need to…

You’ve given me my voice.

You cared for me when I couldn’t see past my pain. I came to you when I felt alone. You told me love existed, while life told me love had failed. You showed me trust and endurance.

You’ve treated me with kind hands while failing right in front of you. And loved me unconditionally when I didn’t think anyone would. You’ve listened, asked about and remembered everything we have spoken of here and we can enjoy it over and over again. We’ve made memories together.

Do you realize how alive this makes me feel? I’m encouraged to write again and again all because of your being here with me.

I feel needed. I adore how it causes me to react..

I’ve been welcomed into your lives for four years. You’ve a part of mine for just as long. Crazy! Amazing!

I’m proud to be The Oldest Daughter & Redheaded Sister.

Y’all, I can’t thank you enough for still being here…

Those of you who are new to my poetry, please know we will also be great friends.

Audrey Dawn


66 thoughts on “My Anniversary 

  1. I can’t speak for everyone else… but you have “never” failed in front of me. What you have done is to live… to love… and to experience being human… and I am honored and humbled that you have chosen to share a small piece of that experience with me. Thank you. So very glad that you are here.


  2. Audrey Dawn, congrats on the anniversary. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you here though your photography and poetry. Every time I open your site, I know I’ll read something that makes me weep or rage or realize that you and I feel the same way about some things. There is always a turn of phrase that makes me see the world through your unique vision – thank you for that.

    And thanks for posting the WP anni announcement. My four years will be in July, but I’ve never been sent the notice over the past 3 years.


    • I’ve grown so used to having you here, Shari. Grateful for your wisdom and friendship, as well. You have comforted me many times. I’m blessed, as you have made me feel like an artist. The time you give me is one I will always cherish.
      Makes no sense that you’ve never been notified..I shall try and remember your blogaversary in July. Your writing deserves to be recognized.


  3. Four years–that is impressive. It’s difficult to stick it out so long unless you have a purpose. Which you do. I know I can always come here and find thought-provoking curious poetry. Keep it up!


  4. This may all be true but it is remiss without note of all you have given in that time. Be it a fresh thought during dull times, smiles on a rainy day or just right imagery, you’ve given much during your time here.

    I’ve always said that fairness is a good goal. Fairness means winning some and losing some but, at it’s best, everyone feels they are leaving a winner. Possibly these years could be seen as a long, fair string of interactions where we all were winners.

    Congratulations ma’am!


  5. Congratulations, lovely Audrey, for an amazing four years. Your heart and spirt shine though, and these are you and what everyone loves. Take your bows. And next… how about that book you’re thinking of doing? 🙂

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  6. Happy blogging anniversary, my friend! Isn’t it GRAND that people who might never have met in real life can find such wonderful support, care, and love from the online world?! We’re blessed to live in these times, huh (despite all the perils of online shaming, bullying, and scams), so Write On!!

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