Seems I Already Did

I accept what I cannot change
like freckles, age and height,
Find what brings a smile to my face
family, nature and creative types,
Invite myself to love who I am
sensitive, obedient & ornery alike,
and forget what he said,

seems I already did.


When you’re heartbroken
All you want is to be healed,
Given a chance
To love again.

Or do you just
Fuckin’ forget it,
And let the negative 
Stain the paper


My apologies for the curse word. The other choices I had failed to get my point across. 

Your strong letters of disappointment can be filed under the letter F. 🤓

Even a Redheaded Poetess allows her firey side to have its way from time to time. 

The Wait

I read of poets past
with infinite belief
moments come upon us,
often urging we repeat:


lessons learned from life,
retold by she, him and them,

possibly, even me.

Asked to compose again,
so that maybe this time
experience will prove, we feel.

what occurs,
this time,
just isn’t chance
but a path, prepared,
for us.


Careful words

( ‘care’ ‘ful’ )

Needed, required

Thoughts of insignificance

( ‘in’ ‘significance’ )

Must return

Buried in

The end of what mattered


( ‘fathom’ ‘able’ )

Builds connection

Reasons to continue

A lifeline,

( ‘life’ ‘line’ )

Inwardly searching

Where is the passage