D – Dignity 

I’ve allowed myself

The freedom to write

What is inside me,

My poetic truth.


Doesn’t belong:

Doubt, second guessings.

Feelings of disgust

Over who I see,

Wanting to give up

Far too easily.


Does a disservice 

To those who

Beautifully created me.


25 thoughts on “D – Dignity 

  1. Never feel disgusted over what you see; never give up on the YOU you’re becoming. We’re all a work in progress, you know! Love your ending sentence — it resonates with truth!


  2. The way you pace this poem constructs the power behind it. All of us doubt but you are definitely worthy. I’m so glad you’re writing again – or maybe you’ve been writing all along but were too insecure to publish it here. Audrey, I’m glad you’re back in all your vulnerability and strength – photoing and poeting.

    (If those aren’t words, they should be.)


    • Thank you, my friend. It feels good to know of our worth and I must say the bright light from those who believe in themselves is addictive. Helps many to want to find the beauty they possess.
      Thank you…you know…I know you know how much your little pushes help me. I appreciate your loving support. (I’ll find the correct person in charge and force them into words.)


  3. The honesty of this piece is powerful, and a revelation of truth not only for the writer, but the reader as well, speaks loud and clear 🙂 Dignity Indeed my friend! 🙂


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