C – Choice


Creates tears,

Almost always.

The knowing

What’s best,


When it isn’t 

What’s been dreamt.


Deserves a nod or

A chance at liberty.

Did the heart know?

Or do we now pray it did,

Because regret is so



23 thoughts on “C – Choice

  1. There’s conflict in every aspect of life, and sadly, regret in many of our past actions. When we give of ourselves and the gift is met with insincerity, we flay ourselves for having been duped. Yet what empty shells would we be for never having tried? No guarantees in life. Sounds cold, but oh, the warmth when we are rewarded finally with true love.

    You will be, Audrey, you will be.


    • One day we’ll have coffee. You’re correct, we all have regrets. Thank you for sliding in with a punch on the shoulder and the pervrbial suck it up wink. This entire comment feed feels like support group. Giggle. I’m gonna be okay. Hell, I’m okay. Tomorrow I will be, anyway.
      Rewarded with true love…thanks for believing so, Shari.


  2. One can’t live in the atmosphere of regret for long. It hurts too much, you know. So we reclassify it as “a learning experience” and with great resolve, move forward. And that takes time. Allow yourself to feel fully and grasp the future with hopeful expectation, my friend!


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