K – Kaleidoscope

It’ll be one day
Tell me no
It’ll be one day
Never quite sure
It’ll be one day
Look past me again
It’ll be one day
Witness to love’s end 

Foolish girl
Wasn’t meant for you
Foolish girl
You’re not a dream come true
Foolish girl
Your heart’s a mess
Foolish girl
You’ll never stand a chance

I want to draw you near
Pull you closer to me
I watched
His face, fall
Told me everything,
Yours will, too

D – Dignity 

I’ve allowed myself

The freedom to write

What is inside me,

My poetic truth.


Doesn’t belong:

Doubt, second guessings.

Feelings of disgust

Over who I see,

Wanting to give up

Far too easily.


Does a disservice 

To those who

Beautifully created me.