Open to the calmness

 that is our soul, 

when it is recognized

and at peace,

we will walk

towards our fate. 


19 thoughts on “Surrender 

  1. Sometimes surrendering isn’t a sign of weakness but of strength, Audrey. I’m thinking of the peace that comes with surrendering to God’s Will and letting Him take charge. Beautifully worded here, my friend!


  2. I like the feel of this poem, it is as if you are back in a small town and walking down a path to a river… Not quite sure where it goes, but with that perfect, relax mind that countryside living can bring out ~ not a care in world allowing for the peace to come in…maybe 🤔 Ah, back to my psycho-analysis of your poems again 🙂


    • Do you suppose it’s the river I told you we would one day drink whiskey on the creek bed of, while sharing our stories? Allowing for the peace of the moment to remind us of what a true gift feels like…maybe just maybe it could be so. 🤗 I never tire of your analysis, Photographer, welcome to stay, you know. Giggle. *blush* May you find yourself at peace this night. I appreciate you sitting with me on this one, Sir. Goodnight♡


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