In The Details

when we realize
devotion is what they really need,
and it becomes our true focus,
we climb towards accepting reality.
being blessed
to witness their peace,
or to become their daily and intricate detail,
is our gift.
understanding, finally, we’re not a guarantee in what
is meant to be, but it’s okay to hope.



he’s the sunset she waits for
when nothing goes right
he’s the kiss on her cheek
at the end of the night
she’s all he’s ever needed
is what she knows he’ll say
she’s just as she should be,
I want to be them someday

What She Sees

there’s a picture inside her,
her mind, really
an arm gathering her close
a chuckle and nod,
seen outside the corner
of her hazel eye.
mature trees outline
what is before them
sounds of babbling water
fill her head,
smells of lilac
purple, not white
adorn her radiant skin
as the sun’s final kiss
winks just then.
barefoot beauty,
bit of dust upon her toes
boots next to hers
days work shows,
smells of the day
draw her in…
focus takes over
and she’s back
in her office again