A companion by my side

Does he understand




Protects when he can


37 thoughts on “Stud

  1. Oscar!! What a handsome chap you are, just eagerly awaiting your next adventure! Audrey, I don’t know how you let him get away, but I do know how easily a dog wraps your heart around his paws, so missing him must feel so painful. Hugs to you, my friend!


    • I didn’t have a choice. I brought him here from Texas because the kids would have been devistated to leave him behind, as would I, but unfortunately the home we moved into didn’t allow for pets. For now mom has him and once purchasing a home is done he can come back. So hard without him.. 😦 Hugs to you


  2. Cute dog….. Pugs always look like they’ve been chasing parked cars to me lol. But any animal be it great or small has a story to tell and a life to share with someone. Dogs have masters….. cats have a staff! lol


    • He’s a cutie little guy. When you go visit him? Belongs to a friend or family member? Btw….. did you get a chance to watch my debut mind expanding performance? lol Would certainly give you ideas to write something out of this world lol see my latest blog lol. My 16:22min of fame lol


    • D’awwww thanks : ) I will definitely have more opportunities to play live and there’s always my YouTube channel you can see the videos of some of the other songs and the performance etc. It’s under Progbeawr831 on YouTube. Yeah that is a bummer you can’t have pets in your apt! We have a lot of places like that here but in actual fact there is no law that says you cannot have them! It’s because they don’t want dogs barking mostly and it’s cuz the people who’ve lived there for a century are all hoity toity snobs lol


  3. Get “Stud” chipped if he is not. Mail if you have questions or need info/advice.

    Point to ponder, almost all pets that get lost are “indoor animals” and all were lost by “accident”.


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