All I keep thinking
is I took you home with me,
from here: my world.
Inside me,
there is a rhythm,
a melody and a presence
I recognize.
Weakening into a strength,
inside this cool air,
allowed me
to breathe, to feel
and be myself.
The quietness,
awakening my core
as I heard the sound of love;
pure devotion, nothing more.
I keep this spirit,
this lead, and confidence,
You’re thriving,
more than simply alive
behind my breasts.
You’re beating continuously,
effortlessly wild,
yet, this isn’t enough.
I belong with you, here.


61 thoughts on “Here

  1. This is really a very inspired beautiful piece of poetry Audrey. One can always tell when it comes from the heart


  2. Yes, indeed, this is another lovely one, Audrey! “Weakening into a strength” might be my favorite line. Seems as if the break did you a world of good, you know!


    • Oh, Debbie, you have no idea how much I love that line, as well. (Meaning that in the most humbling of ways.) Sigh. Feels good to know it captured your eyes. Love. Well, it didn’t seem so at the time, but I’m settling into the fact that I may have given myself just what I needed. Thank you, my friend.


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