tranquility nearly impossible
fearful wonders seeking respite
mountain quarry pieced
fitting perfectly, breathes
fluttering ethereal
flights of the past
blue sky reminders
micro version moments
wishing on a bird’s-eye view
forget windless
courage wears fate
design indigo
flint aerial

I’m home, unpacked and packing again for another adventure. I’ve visited numerous states (including Kentucky and North Carolina which were not part of my summer plans), but it feels good to be in Texas again. At least a little. I’ll be leaving in the morning for central Texas, Hill Country and the Frio River.

I need time to clear my head and find my voice again and the trip here always seems to help. The internet connections are limited, so you won’t see me posting or commenting.

See you in a week. Hope y’all are enjoying your summer. Go find love and give her a sweet pat on the ass for me. I love you.



67 thoughts on “Aerial

  1. Enjoy your time away Audacious, nothing like getting away to another world (the non-virtual world of modern society), and recollect thoughts and life. Such trips I love for the simplicity alone. Cheers to a relaxing and grateful week ~


  2. So that is a real butterfly. I couldn’t decide if it was a moth or a butterfly. Beautiful words as always. I don’t know how you poets do it with so few words. Amazing.
    I hope you have a lovely trip. Watch out for all the crazies on the road!!!!!!

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  3. Beautiful butterfly; equally lovely poem. Enjoy your respite, my friend, and don’t worry — we’ll be here when you return. Soak up some of that Central Texas spirit for me, too!!

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  4. Hasta pronto! Nรคhdรครคn pian! ร€ bientรดt! ะฃะฒะธะดะธะผัั! rastros felices disfrutar … ๐Ÿ˜‰

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