Life lives pristine white

Verdant shelters fragile gifts
Time, nothing but bliss


31 thoughts on “Life

  1. Howdy, Ma’am. Been some time since I last left a comment, so I reckon this one shall suffice, until at which time I get a chance to communicate with ya again. It’s hot as hell out here in Vegas. Did you know they got performers out here? They even get paid. I can’t remember her name, but as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You been doing much? I quickly went through a couple of your posts, noticed you been traveling, or perhaps been unraveling. Which ever be the case, I hope you enjoyed yourself. What’s that? Yes, I did work for about an hour one day. Damn near killed me. But now I’m on vacation, watching tourists spend American dollars on Made in China things. They say by 2627, there won’t be any work for anyone in America. Must explain why there’s such a rush to discover another planet to infiltrate, you know, by the ones who already have way too much power already. I sure miss Colorado. I reckon that’s all I got I got I got… Fingers stuck to the keyboard. Best be going for now. Oh, about the post. I smiled. Thanks for that moment. Sincerely, Charmin’ Charlie, Cowboy and Poet

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    • Hey there, Cowboy. What’s for dinner? Vegas? You betting on horses or women? You should, at the very least, remember her name. It was Cleo. She called last night. Wants her dresses back, by the way. Seems you two are the same size. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve just been busy growing happiness. I know sounds like a tough job, but it really isn’t. Simple when one gets down to it. Effortless, really. A few even sprouted smiles. Imagine that, Poet. A bit unraveling has been done, but I’ll manage. Thanks for asking. You work? Sit down. Don’t hurt yourself. Naw. Kidding. I believe you’re teasing me. Seems you work far too often with little time to play. You’re just the sort. I’ll take your word for it about China and the new planet. I miss Colorado, too. I was just there and had the best visit. Only a few things left undone. Your sticky fingers gross me out. 😉 Have some soap! Glad you liked the post. I’ve forgotten what it was about now. Take care of yourself, Charmin’ Charlie. I’ll miss you.

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  2. Okay, what is this thing? It looks like an egg, but I never heard of chickens laying eggs in the grass. Might it be the egg of another species, or something like a honeydew melon? See, I’m clearly admitting my ignorance here, so go ahead and have a good laugh!


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