tranquility nearly impossible
fearful wonders seeking respite
mountain quarry pieced
fitting perfectly, breathes
fluttering ethereal
flights of the past
blue sky reminders
micro version moments
wishing on a bird’s-eye view
forget windless
courage wears fate
design indigo
flint aerial

I’m home, unpacked and packing again for another adventure. I’ve visited numerous states (including Kentucky and North Carolina which were not part of my summer plans), but it feels good to be in Texas again. At least a little. I’ll be leaving in the morning for central Texas, Hill Country and the Frio River.

I need time to clear my head and find my voice again and the trip here always seems to help. The internet connections are limited, so you won’t see me posting or commenting.

See you in a week. Hope y’all are enjoying your summer. Go find love and give her a sweet pat on the ass for me. I love you.


Deep Intuition


Deep into blue
You know me
I know you
You’re right
You’ve planted a seed
I’ve come willingly
Visions and feelings
Crystal clear images
Consuming our days
Write what I can’t say
Do what you do best
Intuition has a hold
You’re brave
You’re bold
Following your mind
Doing what your told
Show me what you know
I’ll be your flower
Sting me
Make it all go away
I feel the words
They’re on my lips
I can’t force them
I’ve tried
Feel this ache
Pressing inside
You’re in there
God knows why



Multiple ways
Peaking through
A protective sheath
Darting into bloom
Look at me
Assuming his crown
Sauntering and taunting with the wind
Swaying as he anticipates
The sun’s kiss
Smothered in hues of blue
Rooted in purple
The color of Kings
Surveying his empire
Tip glowing
Surrounded in white
Empowered wildflower
Standing at attention
Waiting to be devoured