A Reason To Be

I love to giggle. I adore it even more when a man’s wit creates the sound.

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Wild West


For him, a place to sit,
Question the realities of life,
How to shape Texas into,
A dream, for he and his wife.
This step back in time,
Leaves me wondering,
Was this his perch for surveying,
The objects that were now rightfully his,
A new life, someday with kids.
Perhaps he offered this space to her,
Because he loved to watch her sew,
Soaked in a morning’s summer glow,
While he sat opposite the porch.
Upon that wooden stump,
Pondering her position, her post,
Maybe he had needs and wants.
Or did he have something else in mind,
Feeling fortunate having found,
A picture perfect setting,
To drive his senses wild.