Every Day – Haibun


You hold my hand differently
Force these words away
Common sense tells me, ignore
Yet, I remember, every day


“You shouldn’t share every word you write, caused by every feeling you have…”

“…but, if I wait until I can share perfection, even a valid effort, then I’d never share again.”

“How can you be okay with showing mediocrity?…”

“…It hadn’t occurred to me.”

“Surely, you notice where you fail.”

“I try not to think about it.”

“Honestly, none of this makes any sense, Audrey.”

“Thank you, for confirming.”


Trust isn’t easy
Now do you understand why
 I want to believe



The photos shared with this Haibun are of the Devil’s Backbone Open Space, located just outside the northern end of the Rocky Mountain foothills, as you drive into Fort Collins, Colorado. You can read more about it here. Consequently, I did witness the largest rattlesnake I’ve ever seen while near this trail.

Keep in mind, I’m no photographer, I just wanted you to see more of this area of the world, and the topography it owns. Expressing myself here feels different, maybe I’m more in tune with who I am when I’m in Colorado. ♡

Happy Friday, Y’all.


26 thoughts on “Every Day – Haibun

  1. Haven’t seen a rattlesnake in a while ~ a lucky omen I think… Great photo, can see how it can inspire you.
    Showing mediocrity, failing a times and things not making any sense ~ all pieces of a life worth living, as it means you are striving to be something special. Cheers!


    • Do you really believe so, Dalo? Because I once heard that said by a Great Uncle of mine, as we walked a trail, his cane in hand. I’m terrified of them in all honesty. Suppose it’s normal… Thanks for reminding me of how we all strive, and know that I believe it, as well. However, humbly recognizing, becoming something special is all in the eye of the beholder. I see you as someone special. Thanks for being you and for making me feel like part of your day. ♡


  2. But what’s mediocrity to the writer (or performer) definitely isn’t seen that way by others, you know. I’ve performed many times and that’s the case!

    Rattlesnake…now that’s cool. Did he rattle at you?


  3. Rattlesnake?? Yikes, and I fear even the garter snakes slithering through our back yard! I’m awed by the landscape here — looks very “western,” if that makes sense. And why wouldn’t it, seeing as how the midwest is as flat as a board, ha!
    This must be a conversation between you and yourself. Nobody who loves you would be so mean as to call what you do “mediocre.” Your inner editor sounds a bit like mine — we really must find a way to banish those beasts!!


    • It is very western looking, and as you drive further east it becomes the vision you have in your head, actually. Cowboy country, as they say. I know it well. Thanks for reading, Debbie. My inner voice isn’t quite this judgemental all on its own. We all have a past, which may encourage negative thinking. In the end, it’s about erasing a presence I allow to linger when I feel critical of myself.


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