For You


For you
He made me
For you
He taught me to love
For you
He showed me compassion
For you
He lived perfectly, so I didn’t have to
For you
He loves me as I am
For you
He is patient with me
For you
He is my best friend
For you
He trusts me
For you
He believes in me
For you
He released me
For you


60 thoughts on “For You

  1. This is an unexpected poem (of course you do make a habit out of surprising your readers…), it touches on a powerful subject and I really like the repeating lines… In fact, for me it makes the poem that much more powerful, and makes it hold such deep meaning. Well done Audrey Dawn ~ always good to use your full name.

    • Unexpected is good, right? I mean, I can’t have y’all falling asleep. (I do like keeping you happy, confused, wondering and invested.) You don’t mind the repeat? Good. I was worried it would come across as annoying. I think I just really wanted to get the point across. Put all queations to rest. I think that’s what most people need in a relationship new or seasoned. I do believe we’re released when put into caring hands, Dalo. Released to allow anything to happen. When you use my full name I feel like your eyes are focused on mine, as if needing me to listen closely. Yes, Master, I’m listening. 😉 I love your wisdom. I’m blessed to have you near. ♡

    • Unexpected is very good ~ without it, life would be boring…and you seem to do quite well in the unexpected department Audrey Dawn 🙂 and to keep the wave of compliments flowing ~ it is nice to have your wisdom flow so poetically.

    • I hope I stay unexpected for you, Randall Collis. I can use your full name, as well, ya know. I think you just like me flying above the clouds. Tis why you load up on the compliments. I’m on to you. My wisdom is brought to you through poetry, because my prose would kill you by simplicity, length and randomness. That’s no way to go, Dalo. ♡

  2. Typically, the repeating phrase theme kind of gets me to stop reading, but you actually have a good, powerful point here. It works well. And I thought of doing this kind of poem, too.

  3. Fantastic! Audrey, you’re on a roll — and I’d be ever so grateful if you’d send us some of those blue skies (you can keep the seagulls — they’d find no place to play here!)

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