Good Morning


Been fussing with my tree for a few days. Tryin’ to create festive feelings by decorating. Each morning brings colder weather and along with it the sniffles and coughs.

The children have been giving 100% in all their activities and with school. My responsibilities are being tended to, as well. The Christmas season is upon us. A lot to be thankful for this year. Today, we’re going to take in the wonder of our many blessings.

I hope you do, as well.

Happy Sunday, Y’all.

Mary Did You Know

Let the record stand that Audrey Dawn did not back down from a challenge. Two takes…this was the better of the two, so I’m going with it.

I was challenged to spread Christmas cheer by recording a holiday favorite and asking my followers to join in. I’m giving you all a pass with the hopes that you’ll go easy on your comments of my fearless attempt to sing Mary Did You Know.


Merry Christmas, Y’all.

I reserve the right to delete this at any time, so you’d better hurry and listen. I have no idea why my entire picture is attached to this recording. My guess is because SoundCloud knows it just adds to my humble moment in the sun. (Newbie!)  Kill me now. Ha. Ha. Ha. Maybe y’all could listen with your eyes shut for your old pal, Aud. Even though you can’t see my eyes I’m bright red at the thought of this post, but I won’t end the year being a chicken sh*t, so here goes nothin’… I’m down to the wire on this, as I was challenged a while back, but better late than never. I had to convince myself I could survive the humiliation I feared. In all honesty, I’ve never felt more safe than right here on my blog, Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister…

For Heaven’s sake spread Christmas cheer or this is all for not!

I think I’m nearly ready for Christmas and I hope you are, as well. I love you, always. ~Aud

Just So We’re Clear

Oldest Daughter


Red Headed Sister

Closed Off

Inspite of it all? Redeemed. We’re all of these, right?

May have to add to these on and off throughout my journey.

Thank You

I imagine
A tree
Inside out
Yet, bark, like skin
Scarred and rough
This tree
Just like you and me
Fed by the Father
Holy Spirit
All uniquely
United to form One
Thank you, God
For bringing me
To be all I dreamed
To allow sleep
To grow hearts
I Thank You
For all the transgressions
You forgave
Renewing the flesh
Which causes such pain
So one day
We’ll all live with You again


There is an easier road to travel
I believe because I’ve lived
Done it
Easy road is seemingly perfect
No flaws
A pleasing path full of yes’ and pretties
Yellow brick roads void of nopes and insecurities
Yet remember
What they hide
You simply aren’t interested in seeing

Tough roads
A bit lonelier
Turning about pondering life’s meaning
I agree
You’ll second guess everything
From the color of your shoes
To truth and identity
Often questioning
In belief
Happy ever after endings
This route will make us stronger
Seeking advisory

Along the way
Roads given
Windows of opportunity
Take them they are yours
Listen to His words
Allow the guidance from above
He loves you
He said so that day on the cross Believe Him
Poof goes doubt
In comes grace
World providing a different view Completely different face
It works for many
Will for you
If you need me
I’ll walk beside you

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

According to my daughter, even as far back as Christ’s birth, all new parents go through the same insecurities.

I’ve never laughed so hard….

Merry Christmas!

As Christmas Eve begins I want to take a few minutes to thank you all for being part of this blog with me. Each comment you were brave enough to make made me feel like I was becoming more and more welcome in your world.

Thank you for being part of my world.

The effort you make to stop by and read my thoughts humbles me and is a true act of kindness. I love every Like and Comment you’ve bestowed upon Oldest Daughter – Red Headed Sister.

Oh! The awards! I will be thanking you for them ASAP. This month has been so exciting as you acknowledge my efforts to find my voice.

Thank you. The past eight months have been a precious gift. I am so thankful for the strength I found back in April to give blogging a chance. The rewards have been priceless.

Thank you, Jesus for always knowing just what this red head needs.

Merry Christmas,

Audrey Dawn –
Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

Monday’s eMotional Oldest Daugher: December Rituals

When we put our family Christmas tree up we assume our specific tree trimming roles graciously. It amazes me every year. Boy, we are a trained bunch. Whose fault is that? Yeah, probably mine. My husband gets everything out of storage and assembles the tree. Bless him, he even fixes the lights when our tree’s lights get unruly.

Pre-Lit Christmas trees can have some of the most unruly lights. I’d throw the tree through the window, but not my husband. Cool as a cucumber, he’s over there deciding on his plan of attack. He’s the cool blonde type. I’m the temper flaring red head type. It’s obvious that this is the role for him. He’d prefer to handle the lights, as replacing windows isn’t his idea of fun.

With everyone sick over Thanksgiving Break, we had plenty of time on our hands for a slow tree decorating event. Why is everyone always sick during the holidays? Can’t a girl get a break?? Anyway, here’s how our Christmas tree turned out:


My role is to unpack all the ornaments, because I’m pretty obsessive about how they are to be unpacked. Original packaging is a must, so steady hands on deck only. Let me be honest, I take my job very serious. I look forward to the oohs’ and the awwwws’, as I reminisce over years past. I enjoy looking at how the kids have grown. My face reacts pleasingly as I reveal that the ornaments from my childhood survived another year:


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy card playing? I’m looking forward to a lot of that in a few weeks while visiting Nebraska and Kansas for the Christmas holiday. Our group favorite is Pitch, but if the three sisters have their way we talk Big Brother, or at least one other person, into playing Pinochle. It’s just the best card game ever. The Card Playing Bear ornament was given to me close to 18 years ago. It reminds me of my cut throat card playing family.

I even added part of a snowflake to the picture. Watching snow fall during our visit home this year would be great. Not sure who I turn that request in to… We don’t see snow in this part of Texas. By then, I know my family will be tired of seeing snowflakes, but we’ll expect them to humor our enthusiasm over the white fluffy stuff.

The two children in this family have the job of stringing beads and hanging ornaments. I’m so glad they’re getting better at placement. See how nicely they’re spacing them out this year:


It sure beats the signature move of clumping ornaments on one single branch. All toddlers go this route at some point, although its super cute and picture worthy at the time. Now I’ll only have to go back and fix this tree’s treasures a little bit, or this will be the year I leave the trimmings as is. The verdict is still out.

What’s your opinion? Do you rearrange the placement of the ornaments or do you leave them alone? Every year I say I’m going to leave them, then my husband sees me sneaking in after everyone has gone to bed. I can’t help it. 

Mostly, I look forward to the reason for the season. I look forward to the Christmas tradition of Advent and allowing it to remind me of why I believe what I believe. I love being reminded of how Jesus’ birth brings us hope.

This week I’m going to remember that we have hope:


As I type this, while looking at our tree, I may even have a glimmer of hope that I’ll leave the ornaments alone…hmmm. 🙂

~Oldest Daughter

(I don’t know how to work this camera. I don’t know why the bear photo is so much darker, it is closer, I’ll admit. Anyway, I’ll get better at photo sharing.)

My ‘No Matter What’ Friends


Do you have people in your life who enrich it to the point that it begins feeling disingenuous? I have been considering this for some time now. I have been blessed with some of the most encouraging friends and for the life of me I don’t know why. I don’t feel like I have returned their encouragement as well as they have given it out. I often walk away wondering, what I’ve done to deserve their love and acceptance.

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