A smile, the product of overwhelming acceptance.
Crazy how writing a sentence can be the cause of tears.
Is wanting such a simple human response proof of a wandering spirit in search of connection?

A place to belong,
Echoes inside of me,
awakens at dawn.

Genuine acknowledgment in a situation played out before ours eyes,
should not be controlled.
Why deny the person across from you the gift of worth?
My smile is yours.

Sunday Kind of Love

I love everything Marc sings, and this song is no exception.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Houston on a repeat and rewind constant motion. Music helps keep my mind on something else for awhile.

This song requires, low light, a glass of something strong, and a fantastic slow lead by a strong arm, bending as it wraps around my waist.

Takes the rest of the world away…

That Moment

Make sure she allows eye contact, it will show trust.

She’ll want to touch you, she ought to lightly brush your chest.

Her hand should want to stop, lingering as she feels your heartbeat.

Maybe her fingers will tap in rhythm.

If it’s her eyes you see, make sure she sees yours completely.

When she leans in to kiss you goodnight, think. This moment. Is she who you’ve waited to see?

Q – Quell

Where did you go
The deep hum, of your voice
Followed me in, but didn’t
Retreat along side of me
When I fled. My expectation
Wasn’t fair, I know.
The work is hard,
Battle even more so.
Are you still fighting,
Does the war continue,
Did strength
Defeat in there?
Soft hands still covering
Fragile heart. Fate leads
a Warrior. Love will win.

His One


Lavender chosen, breathe in,
often found crushed,
scent of live petals,
lathered upon skin.
An original flower,
leaving one wistful,
for Old World pleasures,
and a relaxing grin.
Here, a pastel color,
for a mini mighty bloom,
a gift, an honor,
radiating in royal hues.
A favorite, whispered a man,
he, instantly in love with her,
pondering, deciding,
while love remained true.
Solely: with no other witness,
during a quiet afternoon view,
he claimed her for eternity,
she sighing, as his One and only.



My mind, what will I do?
He’s all I think about,
And nothing I had planned.
He’s water glossing over my skin,
And the comfort of the wind.
The smell of summer,
Yet, cool mountain air.
Allow him my heart,
I sigh, do I even dare?
He’s the sound of bullfrogs,
Late at night, while I dream.
Perfect words and lovely pitch,
And he whispers just for me.



This morning’s view didn’t whisper love,
There weren’t romantic signals, in colorful hues,
Left there to guide me,
While pushing through routine.
It was my mind’s song from yesterdays past,
Yes, one by Otis Redding.
Honestly, the song surprised me,
Reminded my broken heart of you,
Yet, encouraged my beliefs regarding true love,
And left me yearning in quiet blue.