A Feeling


Not fluently expressed
~Letters, in simple words
No salient touch
~Treasured, and known
No lyrical sounds
~Remembered well, and replayed
No lucid smells
~Swaying, as they pass me once again
No previous history
~Our reasons, alive in explanation
No blatant photoplay
~But a feeling, we’re surely, beginning


41 thoughts on “A Feeling

    • I’m not sure…hoping by Summer. I’ve been trying to narrow down the right poems, and not mess with the wordings too much, but in all honesty so much of what I write is done within a few minutes. I fear that more time should have been taken…especially if I publish them for everyone, but I go back and forth. Weighing on leaving them as everyone’s enjoyed them. You’re so sweet! Credit card! Your money won’t be good, my friend. Your support is payment enough.

      Good! You should be blushing for all that noise you made about me. Too much…I can’t wrap my head around that, Shari.

      I’m beat. 3 hours of comment replies…I’m spent. And it’s after 1:00 now….on a school night. Hugs! ♡


  1. This is awesome. First of all, it is just an incredible poem…and then through the comments (and education) of your other readers the real beauty of the poem became evident. Woven magic indeed, reminds me a bit of an album years past (OK, decades past) called ‘raw & cooked’ where two different ‘creations of art’ were woven together just like this poem. 🙂


    • Aw, Dalo. Come on…okay, my bashful side is kicking up. So so sweet. I love that you educate yourself with the comments. I have some great support here, and they mean the world to me. To know any of you pay close enough attention to my poetry is so incredibly humbling. I am just a girl writing down words that come to me. They help me relax. I become less worrisome about expressing myself because y’all have made me feel so loved in my space. Seriously. I am thrilled you enjoy my poetry. I could ramble here for you for hours. 🙂 You inspire me. I’m dying to know how come you know that album so well. Which songs did you play over and over again, Dalo? I didn’t know this album carried these characteristics. ..so interesting! Have a great night. See you soon, I hope. ♡♡ I always hate saying good-bye, my Photographer Philosopher Extrodinaire.


    • You do have a great group of followers with such fun/smart comments ~ it is a great atmosphere here 🙂 As for the FYC album, I listen to the album quite a bit every song resonated from ‘she drives me crazy’ until the end ‘ever fallen in love’ (had to look up the album for that…and amazed at how complete that album was for me. Cheers!


  2. This certainly feels multi-layered, as another commenter wrote… to me, it describes something that’s not there now, but is remembered often, and fondly. You’ve woven a rich poem, Auds.


  3. This is like two different poems, right? The italicized lines go together and the normal text lines go together — am I even close? I know so little about poetry! I must have been asleep when my English teachers were covering this, so I hope you don’t mind my questions. It’s never too late to learn and appreciate all forms of writing! (By the way, I can almost “see” faeries hiding beneath these two beauties!)


    • Debbie, you are brilliant. I didn’t see it this way but now that you point it out, I do, and how much more incredible this gorgeous poem is.
      And Audrey, what a multi-layered masterpiece you’ve crafted.


    • Sharon, I’ll always be grateful somebody didn’t laugh at my ignorance — thank you for saying such kind things! You mean, I really “got” this poem? Wow, amazing!!


    • Okay, yes, tis so, Debbie! You’re really paying attention, which is striking! Let’s see, if I were to explain this poem for you and Ms. Shari, whom I adore. (very well my first follower! And she makes me feel incredibly safe. Did you know that she lives on an eucalyptus farm?!!? In California! Amazing…) So, I wrote this while thinking about someone pretty fantastic and how inspiring they can be having no physical contact with them, yet feeling incredibly close. So…no touch, no sounds, no smells…no senses, but believing in a real beginning of something more, maybe. The italicized portion just an expression of how it would look if we had physical connections. Sounds weird, I know. I never claimed to be rational nor normal. Often living in a fantasy land. ..as most poets do. I suppose its good for the craft. 😉 Never fear, I didn’t listen during the poetry teachings either, which I why I’m far too inconsistent to be taken seriously by the pros. I do, however, feel quite accomplished here with y’all.

      Thanks for putting in the effort here, my friend. It means a lot. Faeries. ..totally! Yay!!


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