Ethereal Return


I waited,
For what felt like,
I breathed,
Slowly, in and out,
I sensed,
Your timely arrival,
I felt,
Ethereal, as I fell,
I relaxed,
A safe return,


22 thoughts on “Ethereal Return

  1. Audrey, you have a real knack for taking the everyday experiences and making them oh so much deeper. Just wonderful.
    Just curious, did you go on that ride?
    Happy halloween to you Audrey. We don’t celebrate here in Brazil, although my kids watch English cartoons and there’s an emphasis right now on it. They really want to participate. Poor kiddies. No trick-or-treating here. I bought some wafer stick cookies and condensed milk. Will dip the cookies into the white condensed milk, then put some little chocolate bits as eyes. They’ll be the yummiest little ghosts they’ve ever seen.


  2. Some poets can touch the heart… you’re able to do more. You touch the soul! This poem is wonderful! And by the way, Happy Halloween and much ♥ to you dear Audrey.


  3. One of the greatest things about poetry that touches the heart, is when the reader can sit back in a dream, with wonder and the belief, that this (and all) poems are meant for them and their eyes only ~ a powerful sense of emtion and great writing. Some special writing there Audrey Dawn, a perfect way to see every day 🙂


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