Wide Open

Wide Open

magic seemed to crackle its way
through the clouds for twilight
a sparkler held by the hand we all know.

little orbs of hot air spun bright

spehers of knowledge,
seemed to be blown
just out of reach from where
I stood,
yet life looked alive as
the pastels spread

and something felt just as
it should.


I woke up smiling today
Visions of dark clouds
Passing through the sky
Piece by piece
Back to before
What is left?
By all mankind
Encouraging words
Forever grateful
A pleasing life
May you have a plate full
Smiling again at every turn
We’re all meant to be okay

Wide Open

Possibilities endless
Progressing in a forward motion
Green on both sides like arms
Submissive smiles
Spring has arrived
Open road which offer curves
Thank you
May we all acquire what we deserve
Could this solve suffering
Somewhere there will always be a no,
Remember those who say yes
Shout from the top of the rolling hills
Life is worth living
Every bit
Take this road fast, as it transcends
Wide open destiny

What Is Everything

Treasures from my heart
The gems no one else gets to see
The ideas that complete me
Gives you the lock to my key
My feelings

A need for someone
To push me too far
To make me feel anger
Allow me the act
Teach me to throw
Multiple plates through the air
Create an opportunity
Make me bow to weakness
I want to lean on somone
Catch me once, please
For my love
Paint me a picture
Of my tears
Show me they’re beautiful
Worth sitting near
Each and every freckle
How you hold it dear
Force me to look at myself
In a mirror

This simply
What I want
Force these feelings out
No one ever has
Well, just once
She’s bat shit crazy
Just look at her eyes
Made up
No long lost love
Back in India
A story created poetically
I just wanted closer to you
Something to fight about
To make me feel alive
It was what I needed
My heart’s open
Not a scorned woman
Just one begging to feel

What people don’t see
When they look at me
Is all my vulnerability
Years of controlling
Any feeling
In hopes that another
Wasn’t victim to stealing
Yet happiness the latest casualty
See what I do to me


Warm window panes
Thank you
For washing away
Yesterdays misery
Cleaning up life’s mess
The power you possess
All that is green
Life’s beauty
Creating pastels
Finding a way
Crimson colors
To spread
Oh what you do
For the living
What it means
To me