hardened by what he’d seen; by life,
the reflection behind his eyes created a flutter within me

like a bee for honey, I was willing to work and eager.

I remained close.

Structured and protective, with experience as his guide, I longed for his reverence.

his strength I devoured silently but wanted to wrap myself in for all to see.

like many, I wasn’t chosen.

life is a mystery and voices often confused, so I remained hopeful – just in case.

yet the determination in his heart is wide, and he has much to attend to

and so it goes.

Whisper Into My Ear


A magical
Offering of
My delectation
Even for a fantasy
September’s ending
Or is it just beginning
Wrapped here with you
Trusting in your feathers
Chest against soft breasts
Leaning for conversation
Whispering into my ears
About peace and worry
Relating, so perfectly
Our reactions blush
Soft fleshy quiver
Your smile sighs
Lips closer still
Landing upon
Fairest skin
A red