Happily Ever After

held exclusive
could it be true,
if that was me
in the midst of you,
your arms wrapped
yet, I in full view,
secure in mutual adoration
crimson and verdant long overdue.

Whisper Into My Ear


A magical
Offering of
My delectation
Even for a fantasy
September’s ending
Or is it just beginning
Wrapped here with you
Trusting in your feathers
Chest against soft breasts
Leaning for conversation
Whispering into my ears
About peace and worry
Relating, so perfectly
Our reactions blush
Soft fleshy quiver
Your smile sighs
Lips closer still
Landing upon
Fairest skin
A red

Longing Like This


Wasn’t the possibilities of your fingers,
Softly interlaced with mine.
It isn’t the irreplaceable thought,
Of receiving your seductive kiss.
Won’t be the yearning dreams,
We cannot make come true.
Just so you may, my love,
Truly understand this poetess,
It is your creative mind,
That will always leave me,
Longing, day and night, 
Like this.

Happy Friday Night, my friends! Enjoy your weekend! ♡♡♡