A Look Inside


Securely sheathed within herself
She submits to you, a look inside
Her tender, emotional health
You see the colors of her mind

Travel slowly and enjoy the view
Accept her offer, slip even closer
Fragrant scent and tangerine hues
Whispered from our divine composer

Amongst moulding of verdant leaves
A bashful creation, you’ve witnessed
Folded, is best, she may believe
Yet, she unburdened, is your intention


37 thoughts on “A Look Inside

  1. Stunning poem…
    I love these verses:
    “A bashful creation, you’ve witnessed
    Folded, is best, she may believe”…
    Sigh, beautiful! ⭐
    All the best to you!. Aquileana 😎


  2. A look inside the mind of Audacious ~ a rare thing, and you do not disappoint: “Her tender, emotional health, You see the colors of her mind” And what a rainbow of colors they are πŸ™‚


  3. Okay, showing my ignorance again — what is this beauty? I can’t tell if it’s growing on the ground or on a tree, either. Oh, and while you’re at it, what kind of “fragrant” is its scent? See, I’m being all literal today, and I’m eager to soak up some knowledge — but while I’m at it, I must say, Audrey, this is a stunning word picture!!


    • This is a hibiscus, Debbie. Its a tropical flower you’ll find in abundance here in southern Texas and especially in Galveston, which is where I found her yesterday. (It’s too bad a proper photographer didn’t take the picture. She was quite pretty.) Many of her fellow blossoms were open and I’ll share one here, as well. Her scent…well flowery, I suppose. I’d have to think about it. I’m glad you enjoyed this poem, my friend.


    • Really? Well, okay, thanks! I’ve actually seen hibiscus, only they’ve been in open bloom and are usually of the red or pink variety — with extra-long yellow stamens(?). I should’ve guessed they’d show up in other colors and sizes. We don’t typically have them here, but they’re pretty prolific down south. Lucky you, to see them now — hey, want some snow??!


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