The Power You Hold


Inspired by highs such as yours
Witnessing the determination
Only a fraction of what is adored
Time and effort, continuously shown
Surrounded by gray, however, I
See nothing, but strength
And the power you hold
Over where my dreams will go


30 thoughts on “The Power You Hold

  1. People, places and things ~ are they not the best at finding inspiration and creating the dreams that fuel us during the days of grey? The line: “And the power you hold, Over where my dreams will go…” is something that I think people must feel to not only to be alive, but to feel connected to the great things life has to offer and eventually come our way.

  2. Consider how many great cities are built on rivers or the edge of the sea. What compels people to want to live at the very edge of a continent? Not just the beauty, certainly, but something else, perhaps the risk of knowing that at any moment the waters might rise and wash it all away. Maybe the same is true of human relationships.

  3. It’s Pittsburgh, Audith! I love it. And what a wonderful poem you wrote there! I’m taking a snapshot of it, if you don’t mind. I’d like to read it a few more times.

    Okay, so…do you have a favorite building? I’ve been in the big black one.

    • Tis!! I think… *laughs* Glad you love it. Thank you. You have an inspiring city skyline, I think. I told you I’d write the poem, if you took the picture and you did, so its yours! Read it lots. I had fun writing for you. Loads of angles to read it from, which I adore piecing in. How many more times do you need to read it? *wonders*

      Well, the one to the left on the end is sorta frightening and cool. Almost as if it’s set up like a boobie trap. Those spear like structures on the top are intriguing. You should go investigate that a bit further. Is the black building important? Looks like the tallest one, so it must have free rides to the top. The ones here in Houston do…

    • I’m not sure. I may need to read it every so often. Just stole it!

      Does the one in Houston? That’s so cool. I’m not sure if that building does. It’s called the US Steel Building. And, yes, it’s the tallest. It has a beautiful lobby. In fact, they put that life-sized nativity out right outside that building. So, you’ve seen the bottom of it as well.

      Do you mean the one that looks like a castle?

    • Just every so often? *frowns* You didn’t have to steal it. *yells* It was already yours…

      Yes, we have The Chase Tower here and they let tourists ride to the top all the time. The security guy is very sweet. He gives me a hard time about being a Cardinals fan. I remember that building, of course! I love that video. And the busy city sounds surrounding you in the beginning.

      Yes, the castle one. Lovely.

    • Well, probably more often! *holds ears* I can’t hear you the sudden.

      *laughs* You just know everyone, don’t you! That’s an interest. You should be a Red Sox fan, I think. Yes, that’s the video! All those busy noises. That was a fun shoot.

      Isn’t it? But I’ve got no idea what it is, truly.

    • That’s better. You look rather silly running about with your elbows out to the sides of your head. Goofy goof.

      *laughs* Sorta, but he is a very tall and commanding man. He’s hard not to remember and I always remember flirty looking basketball players who push my elevator buttons for me. I should be a Red Sox fan for you? You want that badly, I think. Have since the beginning. What I don’t understand is how a man from PA is a Sox fan…did your Pirates let you down? Plus, Baby is a Sox fan. She became one the year they beat the Cardinals into the World Series. She hands soxs on her SUV. She’s a brat, as well. And I do like the soxs…I’m a sucker for a beard, you know. I just love the Cardinals! I love that video!

      Investigate, Duke.

    • I’ll put ear muffs on, then.

      He’s a basketball player? An interest! No, I love the Pirates too. But…I’m also a Sox fan. How can’t you like them?! IS she? Awesome. Give her a congratulations from me. That’s awesome of her. See? Support your sister!

      I would, but…I’m too scared!

    • Hey! So rude, Duketh.

      No idea…but he coulda been, maybe, he’s just that tall. I like them! Relax, Sir. Yes, SHE IS. *snarls* Fine, if I must tell her. She’ll just be as smug as you are, I fear. I do support her. She doesn’t support my Cards very well…neither do you!

      Pansy. There’s nothing to harm you, is there?

  4. P.S. I just went over to the Professor’s blog, and now I see it (the building on the far left, you know). This is a super tribute, sure to embarrass him a bit (but then, he likes red, right??). “Determination,” “strength,” and “power” — all perfectly describe our brave and funny friend!

    • Ha! Yes, his video from yesterday is a huge give away, huh? (Cool building and a dead give away.) He’s been trying to capture a proper photo for me for a while now. I told him once he did I’d write a poem to go with it. He envies my skyline photos, I think. I believe his view is beautiful. Don’t you?! As far as him blushing? Naw. He doesn’t blush or have a heart so this won’t hurt him a bit. Trust me. His continued effort to be the best musician ever doesn’t go unnoticed. I figured this site, the location of his most recent shoot, must provide loads of inspiration for him. Tis his city. It should inspire his dreams. Thanks for reading!

  5. I love this, Audrey. ‘Tis splendid and reminds me of someone I know. Where is the photo taken, anyway? I especially like that tall building on the far left, the one with the interesting spires.

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