Your Gift


The inevitability of a goodbye, frozen,
As time allows a winter glimpse.
Your daily vision offered,
A season of gifts.
Leaving me blessed,
Less tortured, I guess.
Knowing you considered me,
Even for a minute,
Yet, like the fallen snow,
Upon your branches,
I cling to who you are,
Protective and strong,
As if love could grow.
My one and only,
May you never forget me,
if the wind sends you on.
Look towards your view,
And always, always,
Think of us,
For it is I, who needs you.


52 thoughts on “Your Gift

  1. Audrey,
    for me, this is most definitely a winter poem and i’m not talking only about the accompanying picture; there is the sadness of loss here and the longing..but having said that, the writing is fine indeed.

    Best always to You



  2. *doesn’t even know what to say* Audith, this is special. Really special. You should know, I think about you more than that!!! And the professor isn’t going anywhere–promise!

    It was funny, when I first saw that, I was like: Hey! That looks real familiar! A lot of snow, huh?

    And, Audith, you don’t know how much you mean to me, too, you know.


  3. Audrey, this looks much like an Illinois scene, frozen trees and obviously frigid temps. Hauntingly beautiful, in a quiet waiting kind of way, though. I suspect you’re stronger than you fear, dear, and no one in his right mind would ever forget you or blow away in the wind!


  4. Reminds me of the mermaid from yesterday… and like that one, I feel that there’s a strength in the words… of a sadness, but a firm resolution to keep pushing on.


  5. Beautifully written Audrey Dawn – If your words are felt in the heart of whomever it was intended, as it was felt within my own, then the wind will never carry them far away from you. Hope your day is as beautiful as your poetry.


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