The Map

The Map

She awaits the sound of crinkling paper, the frustrations of folding it just right
The groan of exhaling, and the twinkle in his eyes
An open road before them with nothing to lose
And a love fated for eternity, who knew it would be you.

Audrey Dawn

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My Anniversary 

My blogging Anniversary snuck up on me. As soon as I saw this photo in my notifications box this morning, I realized it was April and I’d forgotten.

Four years?

You’ve held me accountable during the hardest four years of my life. Made me feel like a friend, a daughter, a sister and a lover.

Thank you for accepting me as I am, encouraging me to return to the poetry I love to write, and expecting me to share it because you know how desperately I need to…

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Your Gift


The inevitability of a goodbye, frozen,
As time allows a winter glimpse.
Your daily vision offered,
A season of gifts.
Leaving me blessed,
Less tortured, I guess.
Knowing you considered me,
Even for a minute,
Yet, like the fallen snow,
Upon your branches,
I cling to who you are,
Protective and strong,
As if love could grow.
My one and only,
May you never forget me,
if the wind sends you on.
Look towards your view,
And always, always,
Think of us,
For it is I, who needs you.



Without your bravery,
I couldn’t be who I am,
Which is protected.

Without your devotion,
I wouldn’t feel what I do,
Which is secure.

Without your desire,
I couldn’t sense your love,
Which surround my decisions.

Without your service,
I wouldn’t understand sacrifice,
Which in humble graditude, I bow.

Without your commitment,
I couldn’t be me,
Which I will love you for, always.

To all Veterans I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Audrey ♡

Our Loss

Quiet this morning
Without you here
Clock keeps ticking
Fridge keeps running
My vision continues to blur
Tears of sorrow
Only allowed now
When I can sit
Reflect with respect
You all deserved more
I wish you were here
Calming your families
Bringing them joy
Instead you are in Heaven
War will always be part
Of who you are
But you were so much more
Some gave all
You answered the call
While we stood here
Holding our flag of freedom
You were asked to risk
War and duty took your breath
I owe you at least this
Yet, so much more
Should leave my lips
Thank you
We miss you
Peace be with your families

Dinner With Friends

Now, as you all know, I’m happy to help my family and friends in any way I can, and usually do. Since you know this of me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I agreed to go to dinner, a few dinners ago, with my dear friend Professor VJ Duke.

Duke rang me recently to help sort a crisis, one of which he was, completely responsible for creating. The situation had quickly become a problem or dadblamery, as he explained it. The crisis, a woman by the name of Amelia, needed to be dealt with swiftly. Well, just have a look for yourself:

(Stop by The Punchy Lands!, have a look around, and leave the professor a note. You are a click away from an amazing video that explains what he and the MicP Studios Team have worked tirelessly to create. You won’t be disappointed. I love their characters more and more every day. Click here to go straight to the professor’s side of the story.)

[This story was co-written by Professor VJ Duke & Audrey Dawn]


The Professor and Amelia—Act 4 of the War

And the professor went out to dinner with Amelia.

I brought my good friend Audrey Dawn along, as well.

Amelia might have been unhappy—I’m was unsure about that, however. (When you can’t see a person’s eyes it’s hard to see what’s up and what’s down. And Amelia’s eyes are always…shadowy.)

Then, the professor suddenly got up and left the table.

“So, how long have you known the professor?” Amelia asked Audrey.

“This professor, Amelia? Not long, only seven months. You’ve known him much longer than I have, yet, you still don’t really understand him. Do you?” Audrey prompted knowing the professor could be back at any moment.

“Of course I understand him!” Amelia snapped. “I knew him when he was quite small. He was stranger then—if you can believe that. He likes to believe he’s free and protected.” Amelia laughed a bit.

“I’ll warn you now, Amelia, snapping at someone gets you nowhere, and quickly,” Audrey said, trying to help little bits. “Strange is relatively relative, wouldn’t you say? What does a million years ago have to do with Duke now, Amelia? What do you mean by free?” Audrey asked.

“Don’t be small-minded, dear. The Duke then is the same as the Duke now. The differences are so slight we might as well forget them. Free, as in he’s not tied down. And what do you mean, snapping?”

“Just a minute, Amelia,” Audrey interrupts while holding her hand up. “Good Afternoon, Thom, good to see you working today,” said Audrey while touching the waiter’s arm affectionately, the gesture wasn’t lost on Amelia. “Duke stepped out for a moment, you know how busy he stays. He’ll take a tart lemonade, lots of ice, and I’ll take my usual, as well. Amelia, anything I can have Thom get for you?” Audrey asks sweetly.

“No,” Amelia answered angrily. “I want to know where VJ went.”

“Amelia? Why are you so angry? Thank you, Thom. ” Audrey called out to the disheveled waiter. ” VJ, as you call him, stepped out for a minute. Has Duke upset you in some way?”

Thom mumbled some dadblamery and disappeared.

Amelia looked away. “Yes. He can be very rude, you know. But I don’t think he means it.”

“Amelia, of course he doesn’t want to be mean to you, exactly. You need to see through his words a bit, into their meaning, which will allow you to see him as he truly is, ” Audrey explained. “Are you interested in dating VJ? Maybe he isn’t available for that sort of relationship, my dear. I know you said he was free, but have you asked him, it’s possible that he’s already taken. We both know how secretive he can be about his life.”

Amelia just stared at Audrey. “You’ve suddenly depressed me. It’s stuffy in here. I need air. VJ is too…dull…to be left in control of his own life.”

And at that moment, the professor came in.

“There you are, Duke. Amelia and I were just talking about you,” Audrey welcomed, as she looked into his eyes for comfort.

The professor winked twice or thrice.

Audrey turned her attention back to Amelia.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something to upset you, Amelia? Let’s move outside, Duke. Amelia needs fresh air, and I quite agree.”

“It’s somewhat warm and somewhat cold out here,” the professor warned.

Amelia ignored the comment. “Audrey was telling me, P.VJ, that you should go out with me more often. Isn’t that right, Audrey?” Amelia glanced at Audrey warningly.

“Well, I…” Audrey eyed Amelia coolly.

“I expressed doubt that the two of you were a good fit, if you weren’t going to take the time to appreciate him, Amelia. Don’t twist my words.”

The professor looked from Amelia to Audrey and from Audrey to Amelia. “Ladies, perhaps we should try our best to be geckos. They can sing—and climb.”

“See?” Amelia said turning to Audrey. “He’s always saying something stupid.”

Audrey looks to the professor with her eyes sparkling bright, “Speaking of geckos, Duke, I need to get to class. The children and I are hunting for them again today, so sweet of you to remind me.”

The professor smiled bigly big. “Yes, yes, don’t let me keep you.”

Turning her attention back to Amelia, Audrey said, “Amelia, the only reason Duke’s words sound stupid to you is because they aren’t meant for you. Furthermore, if you never understand what he is saying, rest assured he’s never actually wanted to speak to you.”

Amelia was quite angry (cranky). It was obvious.

“My dear,” Audrey continued, “you are not a suitable match for Professor VJ Duke. I do not believe I’ll be recommending another date between the two of you, Amelia.”

And the war is over. At least, the professor hopes so.


(Thank you, Duke. It was an honor writing this story with you. Truly. ~ Audrey)

Happy Anniversary (Sexual Content)

Yep, Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister is a year old today!! I received my seal from them last night. I was aware the anniversary was approaching, but I’m shocked at how I feel now that WordPress has validated me. Tearful, I suppose. A huge thank you for reading this blog, my friends. I am humbled by your encouragement and love. Thank you for pushing me to try harder.

This year has been amazing. I have found so much joy in creating each post. I am grateful for every word that has been written. I’m thankful you have read and enjoyed my simple thoughts. I’m also thrilled that so many of you have stuck with me the entire year.

I remember being content and satisfied over my first follower. I could have stopped right then and there, actually. Now, there are over a thousand of you. Do you know what that does to me? You could push me over with a feather, as I reflect in amazement.

Thank you for allowing me to sit amongst all of you and for letting me to grow beside your creativity. It has truly been an honor and a privilege.

Now, in thanks and celebration I give you a quick short story. This is also the fruition of a promise I made to myself, a fulfillment of sorts, to push myself out of my box. To show, who I am as a writer, all in the name of romance and love.

How the anniversary night of two people madly in love should start out, I believe.

Enjoy! Love and best wishes towards your creativity today,
~ I love you~ Audrey
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“Hey, Baby. Did you make that chocolate cake for me?” He asked with skeptical seduction in his eyes, while standing in the doorway of the exposed kitchen.

“Welcome home, Love. Yeah I did, for our anniversary, actually. I know you’ve been working hard all week on your deadline. I thought I would attempt to do something nice. Maybe we could just stay in tonight?”

He watched her stare down at the floor, while folding a towel. Simply a prop, he realized, to mask her true thoughts and needs. His head jerked up in surprise, as his body became aware of her pulse, “What? You thought I forgot, didn’t you?”

“No, honestly, I just wanted tonight to be quiet. Relaxing.” She loved when he nodded at her, as if all-knowing and fierce.

“I know you better than that, I think,” he warned, while slowly walking towards her side of the kitchen. The smell of candles burning tickled his senses, but those were more for her than him. He loved her delicate desires.

With her heart producing a vibration strong enough to be heard, she backed up against the oven, which was still warm. Her phone rang.

“Let me answer this call. It could be important,” she said. Her glowing features revealing too much excitement, as he immediately narrowed the distance between the two of them.

Her needy eyes were forced to look into his, as he grabbed her by the waist, “No, you’ll stay right here.” He took the phone from her trembling hands, and threw it against the exposed brick wall of their studio. There was absolutely no need for that mundane distraction when he was home. He’d easily replace the iPhone tomorrow.

“Yes…okay,” she replied desperately while taking a deep breath in, and allowing it to escape slowly through her quivering bottom lip.

“Now, answer me again. You made this moist cake right here for me, didn’t you, Darling?”

She watched him place his finger into the center of the warm cake, and slowly draw his creamy finger back out. Circling the frosting lightly before pushing it in a second time, pausing as he searched her body’s reaction. She closed her eyes, as the sensations took over any control she had left, “Yes, I did. I made the cake.”

“For me! Say it was made…for me!” He forced out, while probing her lustful eyes. Insistent that she claim him with her admission, he stood strong.

“The cake is for you,” she whispered, as four of his fingers found rest on either side of her jaw.

“It’s all mine?” He interrogated, while placing his middle finger in her mouth. He knew she loved chocolate. He loved nothing more than watching her beautiful face light up with passion.

“All yours,” she forced out. Her tongue and lips readily sucking his finger clean.

He looked around the tidy kitchen, and then quickly picked her up and placed her on the glass stove top. Heat attacked her favorite blue jeans instantly, and it swiftly advanced towards her already tingling skin.

“Stove, hot?”

“Umm, hmm,” she moaned softly.

“Look at me!”

Her yearning eyes found his in a rush, “Yes.”

“I prefer my cake and my lady warm, you know.”

She sighed voluntarily, knowing it would only lead to trouble.

He reacted by confidently pulling her arms above her head and back towards the tile behind her with speed. The act allowed for a perfect arch, created by her body and his resistance. This made him very happy. Breasts up and out, effortlessly standing for his attention.

“Don’t take your eyes off of mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she blinked. Then she blinked again, because she knew she could get away with a little teasing. The act allowed for his continued frustration with her. Parting her lips, she allowed a brief laugh to leak out.

With one hand holding her arms over her head, he used the other to gently grab her neck. Coaching his thumb to begin allowing pressure to her lovely throat. Just enough force that she knew he was in complete control of her. His calloused hand was shaking with need, yet easily reacting to her mind’s desire.

He breathed quietly. Calming his urges to rip her clothes off, he silently reminded himself of the process she prefered. He thought of her need to play. To dance in a submissive rhythm. He would be the harsh and dominate man she needed, while his insides weakened in her presence.

Her submitting eyes continued to stay on his, however, she made a quick move to pull herself closer to the heat he was radiating. Wrapping her legs around his waist she confidently gathered him inside her thighs. His face above her concealed breasts, yet close enough that he could see her excitement, as he looked down and into her shirt. Her arms over her head, him between her legs and their eyes locked inside each other, as they slowly progressed towards love’s wild and promised passion.

Oh, how he loved the look of her body in this position. In a low moan he finally spoke, “I will kiss you now however I want, wherever I want, then I’m going wish you a Happy Anniversary. Enjoy this tender act, because after, I’m going to lay you down across this cold counter. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my love, I understand…”

“May you never leave me…”

His lips hard and demanding. Her lips longing and ready. Passion igniting over their love story.

*** *** ***
Thanks for entertaining my creativity this Friday morning. Have a wonderful and productive day.

Blessings ~ Audrey


I saw you standing there
Let me in
Address Eden
Come sit beside me
Blackened heart of yesterday’s evils
Much to learn from hearts that beat
Red in color pulsing deep
Rest in comfort
In all that is green
Let me tell you
About a boy
Heaven’s Majesty
My eyes see
Black is curable
Love is all you need

Dragon’s Loyalty Award: I’ve Been Lifted Up

I have to accept the award given to me twice yesterday. The Dragon’s Loyalty Award has become one of my favorites, so the chance to blog about it again is so very welcomed. I’m thrilled to be acknowledged by two humorists or humourists. They’re brilliant at pulling out a chuckle or smirk. I was offered a new button for this award, but there’s something about this one that I like, so I’m keeping it. I’ve offered the other two options below, but first let’s get to the two bloggers responsible for making my day brighter yesterday.


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This is my thinking place, I share it happily

I wish we could walk it once together

I have questions of life

Your answers provide my awakening

Your creative gift today, well, I’ll forever be thanking

Writing is a personal journey

Sharing it with others takes faith in God, for me

Remind me why we do what we do

Why writers rip open their minds

Toss contents on the table

Wear our hearts out on complete strangers

After today’s post I think I should share a photo I find comfort in remembering. The poem above I wrote after my friend, Michael, posted a beautiful photo. He wrote of encouraging thoughts along with it. His words helped then and they continue to help me today. Check out his photo and his blog, Harcourt 51, if you haven’t done so already. He is worth sharing with you guys. He creates wonderful opportunities to think and stretch your mind. His photos are spectacular, as well. For your words, Michael, once again I thank you.

Not Another Award Post! No! But, It’s Me: Audrey

Okay, its award time. Trust me, this has been a long time coming. I am way behind in thanking everyone for encouraging me. I have to say that I was surprised at the amount of friends I have to thank. Some of you shocked me. I didn’t even know you were reading my posts. For the record, I have a special place in my heart for you quiet readers. I happen to be one on occasion.

This is a long post. I’ve tried to speed it up as best I can without taking away from the bloggers who truly need a push and the recognition. Please forgive my writing errors today. I’m not going to say I didn’t spell check, because it may be the only thoughtful correcting I did for you.

We’ve got to get to this quick, as you all know how much work goes in to posting and pasting all of this important information. I want to make sure I get it correct for all of us. Just please know I am thrilled to have my badges on the side of my blog and am thankful for such a supportive group of followers. Okay, this is going to be fun, I promise.
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