If Only I Wait

Grass blades reach towards me
Rain covers my skin
Summer allows for nature’s plea
And finally I’m with him again


27 thoughts on “If Only I Wait

  1. I have lingered in the beauty… captured by your imagination
    wrapped in natures palette… I am left with words of my un-normal-ness…
    Ode to a fence post… or perhaps… something else….

    Amongst the blades of grass
    Reaching out for you
    I have found my own reflection
    Carefully woven tween strands of time
    A touch of rain upon my mellowed bark
    Head so humbly bowed in nature’s plea



    • Maybe it’s in the way you openly come to me and show me what you’ve learned while lingering in my words. You leave footprints so I know I’m being heard. There really is no better feeling, and in turn I go forward making sure other voices are heard, as well. Showing love is so fantastic for the soul. Thank you, Michael.

      Your poem….which contains just the right amount of testosterone…is gorgeous. I absolutely love this poem. Sits beautifully next to mine.

      Thank you


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