The Map

The Map

She awaits the sound of crinkling paper, the frustrations of folding it just right
The groan of exhaling, and the twinkle in his eyes
An open road before them with nothing to lose
And a love fated for eternity, who knew it would be you.

Audrey Dawn

I think back to the woman who began this blog five years ago. What I know for certain is she needed to feel heard.

Her world didn’t offer the safety required to open up. She was often clinched in fear of what would happen next, as her world crumbled before her one day at a time.

A few months into writing and her poetry fought to gain center stage. Fast forward two years and many came to her and said, “We don’t get what you’re trying to say, Audrey.” And Audrey would reply in her mind, “It’s okay. I’m not meant for you.”

Audrey knew where her heart was headed, she just didn’t know who held the map.

Being here and sharing my poetry has saved me, in the simplest of terms yet the most important of endeavors.

I cherish every comment you have offered. The strongest of criticisms I have welcomed. Each time I grew a little stronger and made the decision to work harder. You heard my soul, as corny as it sounds, and that’s a corny saying, but it’s true.

Since the beginning of Oldest Daughter & Redheaded Sister you’ve followed through to the end of a marriage I never saw failing 18 years before. During the beginning of my blog I was holding on to the pieces, you watched them slowly fade into ash.

It was a silent journey even here as I tried to protect my family, but some of you heard me through my poetry.

Thank you for staying with me. Five years is a long time.

The smiles, laughter, tears and love I’ve been shown while writing for us I will always be grateful for. I hope you feel my appreciation. Some of you have been here five years, and a few just since yesterday, you are wanted.

It is my need to continue writing and sharing my poetry.

It is my hope you will have me.

With Adoration,


38 thoughts on “The Map

  1. Oh Audrey, I am struck by how you’ve opened yourself to us and I think I get it. When everything in your world crashes around you and you tumble into that acrid lonely space of trying to find a safe place to land, it is poetry that tethers you to earth. And so you write. How lucky we are – how very lucky I am – that you have shared this journey with us. I read not as a voyeur but as a friend and I hope you know that.

    I hope that one day you will meet that special someone to travel with across the map. For now I am honored that you trust me with your words. Love from me.

  2. What a beautiful and honest, post, Audrey. Congratulations on five years. I’ve only recently met you and I’m glad I did, though I’m sorry to read what you’ve been through. I wasn’t aware of the deeper details, and it’s not my business to know either, unless you choose to share. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your wonderful poetry, so keep it up because it does help to put all emotions down in writing. My blog has been active for seven years, which is hard to believe, also. Many ups and downs during the journey. But, blogging is a great venue to share our feelings, while also meeting new friends. Hugs, Lauren

  3. Congrats on five years, Miss A! I don’t think I’ve been here for all five of those years, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your photos and words. And one thing I can assure you of is that I’m able to see you getting stronger with every post! YES! Keep writing, Poetess — you can’t know how many others your words have helped while obviously helping yourself!

  4. LONG MAY YOU RUN (by Neil Young)

    We’ve been through
    Some things together
    With trunks of memories
    Still to come
    We found things to do
    In stormy weather
    Long may you run.

    Long may you run.
    Long may you run.
    Although these changes
    Have come
    With your chrome heart shining
    In the sun
    Long may you run.

    Well, it was
    Back in Blind River in 1962
    When I last saw you alive
    But we missed that shift
    On the long decline
    Long may you run.

    Long may you run.
    Long may you run.
    Although these changes
    Have come
    With your chrome heart shining
    In the sun
    Long may you run.

  5. Wonderful writing and view into the soul of Audrey the Artist and friend. There is nothing quite as exciting as opening a map and letting the dreams free of all the possibilities ahead ~ where to go, what to see and to do. An exciting life ~ even with doubts, troubles, sadness, and trying to figure things out all makes life exciting. Your poetry and writing show the many great sides of life and many great sides of you. Cheers to a great weekend ahead!

  6. Audrey, congratulations on five years here on WP. Your poetry is exquisite and has always been very relatable to me. Thank you for your honest, sincere and gracious words, always. Here’s to many more years of poetic sharing! ❤️

  7. John, Dan and Holly have said it all as far as i’m concerned, Audrey,
    What more do i know? That you are a survivor and a warrior and i love and respect you.

    Always with love


  8. What a lovely post. I know for as long as I have been along it has been a blessing each and every time. The good, bad and ugly all teach us something. It has been wonderful sharing your life. Hugs

  9. I have enjoyed your posts and poetry from the first glance. I don’t always understand what the poetry means to you, but the mark of a good poet is that their words mean something to the reader. I always find meaning in your writing. I share that meaning, when I can put it into words. Sometimes, I try to think about what it mean to you. In either case, I keep coming back. I have a need to hear what you have to say. Congratulations on 5-years!

  10. Congratulations Audrey, five years….that’s a long time. I have been here eight , working on my third blog ( closing the first when my friend died, the second hacked) still standing. Good luck in all you do. Love reading you…though sometimes I don’t get you, but we would need to know the history of everyone to always “get their writing”. My best always, Holly ❤

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