as dusk departs and night arrives,
i’m caught up in a mythological moment,
aphrodite falls for apollo, right before my eyes.
indescribable, I know I’d only blow it,
so I sit back with a defeated laugh.
left wondering, where might I find myself a poet,
who could write of a sunset like that?

Calm Twilight


Poetic thoughts shatter,
Like glass across a sky of azure.
You arrive on bits of final sunshine,
My mysterious muse.
You capture my presence tonight,
And I feel you inside my wistful soul,
As you voluntarily watch me,
Waiting in the calm twilight.

The final line written by, my girl, Morgan. It is no secret that I adore her poetry, so last week when she wrote the line “waiting in the calm twilight” I mentioned being envious, and then there was some banter and a challenge. I’m following through with using her perfect line in my poem tonight, but mine will pale in comparison once you’ve read her Friday Fantasy poem from last week. You’ll see… ♡ Thanks for letting me borrow your words, Morgan.

Sunset Conversations


What are we doing out here at this hour, Ma’am?
Why, good evening to you, too! Clearly, this walk isn’t going to go as smoothly as I’d hoped it would, Sir.
What was your plan? For me to trip…?
No, just a nice walk, really. Not sure why I’m bothering now.
I can barely see, you know!
Oh, it isn’t that dark outside. You can be such a grouch.
Yes, well, you’re no sweet peach either, my dear. Thank goodness for this slow sunset or we’d be sunk.
Good, I’m glad you noticed. Look how well the sun’s fading away. Isn’t it something? Just perfect, really.
Hard not to notice, Audrey. The sun setting provides the only available light tonight. It shouldn’t go unnoticed.
Do you see the clouds over there, Darling?
You mean the feathers falling to the right of us?
Those clouds are feathers?! Why, I’ll be! Will you look at that
Yes, feathers from a white goose or a pillow, if the goose has been used properly.
How nice. Your mind is very sweet tonight. I’m going to ignore your attempt at being wicked. Everyone knows a goose is better used alive.
Pfft! No, it isn’t to both remarks, Lady. What, so these aren’t the clouds you wanted me to see then?
No, I was looking at those clouds to the left of us. They’ve almost created a direct path to the sun. A perfect walking path…
Don’t you think that’s a bit of a stretch. We’d be hopping more than walking, I think. I worry about your mind, Madam.
Probably…So you don’t see the path? I find it very sad that you can’t imagine walking on a path of clouds towards a sunset.
Hmm. Yes, sorry to disappoint you.
It’s okay. Best if we begin our walk back home now, anyway. It’ll be dark soon.
Walk?! Not now! Hurry, gather those feathers. We’ve been given a gift. I’m flying you home tonight.