Calm Twilight


Poetic thoughts shatter,
Like glass across a sky of azure.
You arrive on bits of final sunshine,
My mysterious muse.
You capture my presence tonight,
And I feel you inside my wistful soul,
As you voluntarily watch me,
Waiting in the calm twilight.

The final line written by, my girl, Morgan. It is no secret that I adore her poetry, so last week whenΒ she wrote the line “waiting in the calm twilight” I mentioned being envious, and then there was some banter and a challenge. I’m following through with using her perfect line in my poem tonight, but mine will pale in comparison once you’ve read her Friday Fantasy poem from last week. You’ll see… β™‘ Thanks for letting me borrow your words, Morgan.


48 thoughts on “Calm Twilight

    • Thank you, R. You know, I appreciate your comment, but I disagree. Your poetry is amazing! I think we’re own worst critics, which is no shock, but ’tis true. When I read everyone else’s poetry I sit there with this look on my face like…* why do I even bother* . In fact, I’ll do it again in a minute, I’m sure. Just sit and watch it happen. I love being surrounded by poets. You inspire me…


    • Thank you for replying. It was only yesterday that I had discussions with two different people about social media poetry. It does certainly appear that the greater majority of followers prefer prose. This has been a point of despair for me for the 3 years I’ve been posting my traditional verses. But I’m no fool. I concede. I DO absolutely treasure the small following I have who do appreciate traditional poetry as I have no intention of ever writing prose. Thank you for reply.


    • I have to be truthful with you here…..many of my poems, all traditional, have taken me less than half an hour to write. It’s them that have always come naturally to me. On the other hand, I’ve had numerous micropoems published, many in prose-form, and they usually take me considerably longer. Reason being that I’m repeating something somebody else has said, albeit slightly differently. In the end we’re best to follow our own paths. And I DO intend to keep plodding along mine;-)


  1. I LOVE this Audrey πŸ™‚ Who is the Muse? I wonder! No no, dont tell…the Mystery is Marvelous. I love the image you chose as well…absolute Perfection πŸ™‚ We work well together!


  2. Your “Calm Twilight” pales in comparison to nothing. It’s beautiful. I love it. “on bits of final sunshine”… my goodness….. what a wonderfully imaginative mind you have. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. This beautiful Audrey. I popped across to Morgan’s blog…. Well worth the trip a very different style. Brilliant and I told her so. No need where her talent comes from. Like Mother like Daughter. πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx


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