Quiet Goodbye


amber layers rest upon goodnight,
while an obsidian anchorage awaits
confusing darkness with light
might have been her first mistake
nothing comes from a starless sky
but an endless plea, more questions
left naive, with no honest answers why
sweet girl, that’s how this always happens


30 thoughts on “Quiet Goodbye

  1. This one runs nice & deep ~ the winning line, “nothing comes from a starless sky” ~ that alone is a piece of poetry. A quiet goodbye is always the one that lingers the longest (as in years), and that is felt here as well. Beautiful words Audrey Dawn ~ you do not disappoint.


    • You’re pretty remarkable at making me blush. It isn’t normal, what you do, you know. They’re just six words, Dalo… but somehow, you romanticize them to a whole new level. I haven’t mentioned in awhile how poetic I think you truly are. Goodbyes are hard, for sure. And I like it when you use my full name, Randall Collis. I see your eyes looking at mine. I am just a lady. You make me feel like a poetess. xx


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