Nebraska, is home
Cloudless sky offers comfort
A connection felt


38 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. Well, a welcome home is a bit belated but I hope you had a good time. I am listening to Springsteen’s “Nebraska” right now… πŸ™‚ You aren’t from Lincoln are you?!?

    Beautiful land and a beautiful sunset ~ hope home was what you needed (it often is).


    • Hey, Stranger! Wonderful to hear from you! How are you? My time in Nebraska was quick, but memorable just the same. You know how it is, my friend. Cherishing every moment created and I have it locked into memory. What a great song, too. I am from just outside of Lincoln, actually. How about that! A small town called Sutton. It surely is a great place to call home. Glad you enjoyed the view and find Nebraska beautiful. It warms my heart to hear it. Home is always what I need, not only home, but also those who feel like home. Thanks for saying HI. I’ve missed you, Dalo.


    • Ah, OH… I believe you have inspired another poem… You must linger in caution of your words, to one who so loves to pen the imagination… you have inspired the audacious dawn, enjoyed by so many… and now… perhaps the sunset can tell a story of one who wanders the plains of Nebraska… home of beautiful sunsets… and often adorned by a most Audacious Dawn…
      The appreciation flows both directions… and in so many ways…
      Hope you enjoy a beautiful morning…

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    • Thank you for this smile. I have no control over my words, Michael. I release them with the anticipation of knowing they are safe and in the capable hands of whom I deliver them. You, my dear, are a fine poet and I am often charmed by your words. I wander the plains of Nebraska. In search of whisperings. Of love, desire and the feeling of free.
      Have a beautiful day, my friend. xx β™‘


    • Hmm… I think you’ve just written the “Whisperings Across the Plains” poem… Beautiful response… Thank you, Audrey…
      Hope you enjoy the most beautiful whisperings this evening… [Hugs]

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  2. I bet the connection is much stronger than through those telephone wires. Odd to see them – common in my childhood, rare now with all the underground wiring or wherever it threads nowadays. There they are in your photo, trotting along the route to the horizon and the splendor of the sun. Ah…..


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