as dusk departs and night arrives,
i’m caught up in a mythological moment,
aphrodite falls for apollo, right before my eyes.
indescribable, I know I’d only blow it,
so I sit back with a defeated laugh.
left wondering, where might I find myself a poet,
who could write of a sunset like that?


36 thoughts on “Indescribable

    • Giggle. I’m “having” you multiple times this morning. (I purposely took the door that allowed me to sat that. It’s going to be a goofy day. I can tell already. Thanks for humoring me.) Yay, so tis you who shall right this wrong of mine. Write of this amazing moment, Richard! I’m a sucker for them, too. Sigh.

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  1. A sunset and poetry that Aphrodite and Apollo would envy ~ brilliant writing and emotion. It is always difficult to say that this is your best piece of work, as it depends on the mood and feel, but this poem I would have to say one of your best pieces of work. “who could write of a sunset like that?” well, I think we all just found the answer to that question. You cover just about every human emotion here that I find so inspiring: awe, myths, dreams, humor and humility. Cheers ~ a perfect way to start the week!


    • Dalo, sometimes I think you go on about me in hopes that I’ll run into those photographer arms of yours and cover you with kisses. Starting from the top of your cowboy hat and down to your boots…oops. We’re not alone, are we? *straightens your collar* *giggle*

      The idea of Aphrodite and Apollo being envious of my poetry is not only baffling, but it is also a huge impossibility. The only thing I have in common with the likes of them is the letter A. I can’t even wrap my head around your compliment. Can I keep you? I am soooo not the poet for the job, but I love being the poet you think qualifies.Β  And to think I just thought this poem was a laughable admission to my inferior feelings towards writing this sunset. My hope was to make someone laugh. Or agree. Better yet, to offer to write for me. I’m left now waiting for you to write for me. As only you can.Β 

      (I hope this comment might leave you have as happy as you leave me. Thanks for stopping in and filling my bucket, Dalo. Astronomers could chart my glow from miles away. This comment of your rallies every one before. They just keep getting better. Humbled by you, Dalo.)

      We’re similar, you and I, my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. I’d have it no other way. If I’ve captured what inspires you, then I’m left to ponder, all over again the beauty of Β ηΌ˜εˆ† (yuan-fen). Thank you for your visit tonight. Always. (Now go be flirty somewhere else before I start believing you! πŸ˜‰ Seriously? My best? You should read this again…after the Audacious affects have worn off. You’ll see I’m just simply a dream. And this poem…smile worthy. xx) By the looks of this comment…I’ve rambled. Look at how pathetic I am. LOL Not quite ready for you to sneak away, it seems. Thanks again for spending your precious time with my poetry. Give Hong Kong’s next sunset a nod from me. πŸ™‚


    • Perfect ~ and who’s watching in cyberspace anyway…no one’s around πŸ™‚ This was such a great poem as it had so much, cheekiness and dreams ~ and then your response above is worthy of a post itself as it is so poetic. And yes, it is the beauty of ηΌ˜εˆ† (yuan-fen) that makes this world such a great, fulfilling place for both the dreamer and dreamees πŸ™‚


    • Sigh. God, I love your confidence, Cowboy. You pace me perfectly. Come closer… πŸ˜‰ ~ Randall, I think I admit this every time you stop by, but you truly do have a way of making me feel like the only woman in the world. Those post worthy words were for you, my dear. Humbled. I think a lot of your yuan-fen, Philosopher. You’ve taught me so much. I soak up every word you share. Normally, I’m the dreamer yet you leave me wishing to be the dreamee. Have a beautiful day, my dear Dalo. β™‘


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